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    When I saw the thread, I expected that the OP would pose a question of whether we would be angry because these beings have let much suffering come to pass or left people to despair or something deep like that.

    And yet we are asked if we would be angry because of our previous disbelief. I mean, that's really the first thing that would come into your mind in such a scenario? "Damn, I shudda believed" ?

    No further comment.

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    At least someone here gets it.
    well i didnt say they told the people they were gods. i remember hearing a story about a group of people (may have even been on ancient aliens) that live on some islands and are basically cut off from the rest of the world and are like ancient man well sometime in like world war 2 some soldiers gave them a bunch of boxes of food and supplies. to this day those people build fake planes out of wood and worship those people like gods.

    even if it were true whos to say the aliens said "were gods" and not the other way around?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lokatii View Post
    like i said this has nothing to do with whether you think the show is true or false or your opinion on the show its self.

    its just about how you would react if aliens came and basically said that they had visited us before. maybe i shouldve phrased the question a bit better but that was pretty much what i was asking.

    how you would react.
    "I was a normal baby for 30 seconds, then ninjas stole my mamma" - Deadpool
    "so what do we do?" "well jack, you stand there and say 'gee rocket raccoon I'm so glad you brought that Unfeasibly large cannon with you..' and i go like this BRAKKA BRAKKA BRAKKA" - Rocket Raccoon

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    the only thing i would be angry about is why didn't we learn this sooner! i'd also wonder why they never bothered to make further contact with us. if your an alien race facing a vastly inferior civilization wouldn't you want to take over their world and colonize it?
    if I am created for a purpose that does not mean that humanity was created for a purpose. See how zany it sounds when you put the cart before the horse verbally. It seems that intellectualizing without saying or hearing it concisely it too baffling for those who promote this idea. So that's what I'll do while explaining my ideas. Aliens would not be able to perceive themselve's superior in reality, if they are in fact carnal. Face it, what else could they be? it's that and robots. many science fiction writers have stated in laterdecades of the previous century um alien life would probably not be compatible with our own plethora of millions of microorganisms, bacteria and fungus specifically, which means... the people who invented aliens and black holes did not believe that they could reside on this planet by and large. but they do like to say that you could reside within a singularity eternally, in that case meaning that i have never left that sink hole since i got there an eternity ago. To the point nowif I find that ancient aliens or any kind of alien truly is visiting this planet I would be surprised since they should continue doing as they have been since the dawn of man rather than have a spontaneous change of heart.. it is very easy for an object which does not utilize chemical rockets to not exist in distant space. To be blithely blunt, I would not really give a rat's... unless aliens prefer rat meat, to the whole matter. As that is what most all human beings would do if they discovered anything of such little import to their own life. I only hope it happens for the very reason that it would prove me right about human nature. ha whether you think they're there or not is irrelevant. no amount wishing changes the facts. so why conjecture when no one, respectively, has ever asked if hobbiton exists, maybe in another life?

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    I would be angry at the aliens for only building things using technology and methods that man possessed at the time, and also having to practise their building techniques until they got it right.

    Why did we get the B-Ark?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reg View Post
    I'd be more upset the used the word "totes".
    Yup, this.

    Why would I be angry if aliens said they have been here before? One can tell they obviously didn't wipe out the human race, so maybe aliens would not be as bad as Hollywood so loves to portray them...
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    I'm an athiest. I "believe" in what the evidence points to. my views are not fixed and set in stone. If the evidence is found to show that aliens have visited before I will "believe" that. Until then I wont as the evidence shows the opposite. Much like god, any true athiest, if shown conclusive evidence of a divine being, will acknowledge its existance. the same with aliens.

    Why would I be angry? At one time we thought the word was flat, now we know differnt. At one time we thought the sun revolved around the earth, now we know different.....
    Evidence and scientific fact change as the information we have changes, any rational person adjusts their views on a continual basis to accommodate current evidence.

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