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    I would like to have my mage as an NPC walking around Stormwind. Or perhaps all over the world if he could be made unkillable.

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    I would want the zombie event (with 30 second infection) made into a weekly thing that happens on Sunday for 12 hours in my name. I can think of no greater glory than the weekly zombification of WoW in my name.
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    A deceptively priestly stylish human female warlock trainer NPC in the SW dungeon, wearing a primal mooncloth set with the blue cloak alakir drops.

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    Warcraft 3 was when I truly fell in love with the franchise. When World of Warcraft came out, I was ecstatic and asked for and received it on Christmas 2004. I didn't become truly hooked until I made a troll priest on the newly launched Scarlet Crusade server and started roleplaying with him. Ever since, I've wanted him to become a part of the lore and become an influential member of the Darkspear tribe.

    Even though I changed factions and became a worgen at the start of MoP due to a dying Horde populace, my troll lives on. If I ever die and am posthumously honored by Blizzard, that is what I would want.

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    If ever in the lore there was mass genocide of Blood Elves and/or the burning of the entirety of Quel'Thalas, I hope the commander in charge is named General Anvilfist. Nobody has been banned on the official WoW forums across multiple accounts more than myself for the constant BE hate threads.

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    Id wish for my Paladin to go into every raid / boss as a npc which will then proceed to attack the boss but do no dmg and if over half of the group dies he will say ´´ WAIP´´ And Bubbleheart

    also once a day actually appear as if he hearthstone´d back to Goldshire

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    A statue of my strangling a Gnome.

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    Something on the lines of

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    A paladin trainer named Shepiwot Awwww yeahhhh

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    A house in the middle of nowhere, where my Hunter lives. Occasionally my other characters would visit, spend some time, play out little conversations/stories.

    If that's too much, then just my Hunter as an NPC somewhere with her Grimtotem Spirit Guide pet.

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    If I died and Blizz decided to honor me (why wouldn't they, I'm THE BEST) it'd be an event in Duskwood.

    When a friend of mine, who played a gnome warrior with pink ponytails, and I, a dwarf paladin with orange twin beard, leveled up we spent a lot of time in Duskwood. There was one particular mob that made our life living hell, Mor'ladim. Whenever we tried to do the quests where you kill lots and lots of different skeletons we'd always have Mor'ladim attack and kill us. Overall we had such a great time in Duskwood, so much that when the gnome had to write an essay in english (improvise and you have like 4 hours or so) he wrote about a birthday party. Poki, the dwarf, had a birthday and he celebrited it with his best friend Hamztern the gnome, and Sven at his little place at the outskirts of Duskwood forest. But there was one problem, the mean Morgan (Mor'ladim) would show up and crash the party, ruining our fun.

    So, if I died, I'd want the gnome warrior with pink ponytails and the dwarf paladin with orange twin beard to spawn at Sven in Duskwood on the 7th of april each year, with Mor'ladim showing up making us run away and despawn.
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    I like the idea of having myself become a trainer in my starting zone. For me that's Aldrassil in Shadowglen.
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    I love this Thread

    I would love for my night elf hunter to be one of those elite guard Patrolling Darnassus/Astranaar/Dolanar on my spectral Tiger

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    With an area where all my character held guard over the grave / tomb (also the lvl 1 bank char). Having them get max level for each expansion (minus the bank char ofc).
    While people could kill their way to the grave once there they would be met with an unstoppable raid boss - me obviously.
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    First I would have them use some of their money to have my head removed from my body and hurled into space in hopes that some alien might revive me later down the road.

    Then I would have them add an unkillable NPC with my name in the middle of STV arena that holds organized battles between groups of people. From 1v1 to 10v10s. He spits out a few fight club quotes and then whoever signs up has to fight to the death. If anyone attacks my NPC, they are 1 shot instantly and their character is deleted. Liilo don't play.

    edit: actually I want to change the location of the fight club. It is completely random with 100s of different locations so you have to find the party first and then earn your colors on the battlefield. Location is different every day. That way, only the most elite will be dedicated enough to find it. Breaking any rules of fight club will result in instant character deletion, so they can't instantly tell their friends where it is at.
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    Well, I would want to be remembered by a diseased insect. When you kill said insect you get a debuff that when it expires/gets cleased or you died, you turn into a zombie and can bite other players/npcs. Yes yeeeesss, this would be my legacy! that event was the best :P

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    A small statue of my Human Priest, my Warrior (when it was a Draenei), my Gnome Rogue and Gnome Mage, and my girlfriend's Nelf Druid, at Timbermaw Hold overlooking Felwood.
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    when i die i want my character to be the heroic only boss after sargeras cuz im the most baller mother fuka any of yall have ever seen and i have not and will not be defeated by anyone!

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    Make a questline with my main story , i would love that!

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