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    Thick Hide outside Bear Form?

    I'm having some confusion about the wording of the Guardian Druid passive ability, Thick Hide


    The way it's worded, there is no qualifier saying that bear form is a prerequisite for anything except the increased armor in bear form. I tried googling it and asking around trade chat, but the only answers I could find were based solely on the giver's take on the wording. According to my knowledge of english grammar, which is pretty good, the wording actually suggests this DOES work outside of bear (again, other than the explicitly stated armor buff to bear form.)

    Can anyone verify for me whether the factors such as 25% decreased magic damage taken, 12% decreased physical damage taken, and 6% less chance of being crit, work in say, cat form?

    Please base your answers in personal testing, experience, GM response, etc, and not "lol look at what it says obviously only bear form lolz" aka more personal reading of the wording.

    Sorry if there's an answer to this already on here... couldn't find one if there is

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    I was testing something along the lines if armor reduced some specific attack and found out that at least the 12% physical damage reduction worked in all forms.
    People over at Incbear also talked about the magical reduction part in the Lei Shi thread.
    I assume the crit reduction works too but it hasn't been relevant for anything so haven't tested it.

    My personal experience is that you should never trust that the wording in the tooltip is how it works.

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