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    In what world is it a great feat to lose to a mage who does nothing but ice lance and cast a frozen orb? Especially as a hunter, hunters have been eating mages for years, and with all the new toys they've gotten, an ice lance spamming mage should have been destroyed. I don't see any novas, frost bombs or deep freezes.

    OP IS bad, there's no way around that. Just shrug and move along.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjornh View Post
    - His combat log isn't set up to show everything that happens?
    His combat log would have shown any pet heals, like it showed the pally heals. It also would have shown if one of the icelances was deflected, which none of them were.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aurust View Post
    I visualized playing it in my head and it was bad.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nathane View Post
    I mean you have all the trademarks of one childish, ignorant, irresponsible, retarded.

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    Need video, can't tell much from just logs. Looks like BS tbh, as certain melee classes i'd be able to sympathize with your situation but as a hunter I have no idea how you can get solo'd by ice lances -.- Especially whilst your gear is practically the same.

    Idk, don't really care either way tbh - PvP pissed me off when it was relatively balanced, never mind now; So my opinion isn't exactly objective.

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    Aye PvP is more broken than ever

    Resto druids are immortal

    Frost mages still have too much and way too easy CC

    Warriors can still put out broken numbers akin to one-shot

    Feral Druids can do everything and more better than rogues

    Healers still rule supreme

    Don't worry about GC. Most of us are aware by now that he don't know what he is talking about...ever

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    No doubt that Mages are an easy class to play and master, but tbh you don't exactly come across as someone that played well.

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    That damage is not to terrible, he hit you 14 times with ice lance, you got 3-4 heals in 14 globals, which was an aoe heal ( in pvp ) averaging out to around 60k total healing taken.
    Have taken much worse and i have roughly 67% resi on my healer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Svarbald View Post
    so then tell me how a mage spamming Ice Lance is not OP when our stats are basically even? That was the point, yet none of the geniuses on this forum get that.

    Because spaming frost bolt against a hunter is a stupid idea. As a hunter your dmg is instant and you have a silence. You didn't lose because his class is OP you lost becuase you are simply not as good of a player as him. I have no idea how you lost to this mage when clearly he didn't do anything worth making this thread about. You should go back and think about what you did, feel bad about doing it, and learn to play better. Its against the rules to say any class is OP when you are playing a OP class yourself.

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    OP's post isn't a good indicator of it, but frost mages do have plenty of imba mongo damage and need to be looked at. Then again, they aren't the only class which need to be analyzed -- but this is WoW, that's to be expected, right?

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    If you would have just tranq'ed his Ice Barriers, you could have won easily by simply spamming Arcane Shot. Should I now post a screenshot showing how OP locks are because I died to only three Chaos Bolts?

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    you're just bad if you lost against a mage 1v1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutnbrg View Post
    I'd say warlocks are more OP then frost mages anyway, fear, incinerate hits you for 120k, fear, chaos bolt hits u for 120k, pet silence, chaos wave hits u for 100k....fear.....dead. dots ticking the whole time, all while healing himself for an insane amount of hp.
    If Warlocks had Incinerates for 120k, chaos bolts AND chaos waves in the same spec I'd be seriously concerned about their balance. Luckily they don't.

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    I don't mind "x class is OP" threads most of the time but this is not working.

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