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    as affliction how importent /penelty is it to not have a cast bar that shows when your missing ticks by ending channel to early?
    also if thats the case any recomended cast bar for it?

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    Depending on how seriously you play, you should really have channel ticks displaying on your cast bar. As far as I know you can use ElvUI, Gnosis or QUARTZ !!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's pretty neat to clip your channels after you've just had a tick, rather than just before the next tick. It's a slight dps loss if you do it wrongly. Refreshing a Malefic Grasp before the last tick puts the final tick on your next Malefic Grasp, but it only copies over 1 tick, so effectively you save mana by refreshing Malefic Grasp/ Drain Soul as late as possible and cancelling them in order to redot or haunt (or whatever) just after you've had a tick.
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    Drainsouler plays tick sounds
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    Switched back to gnosis just for mg ticks shown

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    cool,thx for help guys ^^

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