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    Would the Haste/inv Playstyle work with this much haste?

    Armory-usbattlenet/wow/en/character/destromath/Ruckusuncle/simple (cant post links replace dots)
    Logs (Mastery/ROP)-wwwworldoflogscom/reports/bhtsmrhwc3ffa27h/ (same)

    I switched over to Haste/Inv because I feel it's an easier playstyle however I am running into the fact that I dont have a haste buff in the raid that I am in. is 28.5% haste with frost armor enough to do and how would you do the simcraft results to find out if it was? thanks

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    Well yes, I don't know why it wouldn't.
    And you don't have EoT so thats no worry, some people here are tester Haste/Invo with more than 10K haste so you should be ok.

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    Yea I figured that but im seeing also how to simcraft it has well just to make sure im trying to figure it out

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