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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoma View Post
    I keep up with the basic information, such as location and new races, but I can usually avoid spoiling the storyline information, unless it winds up on the front page of MMO-C
    Problem is when you're on the front page and you see all the topics, that people have recently posted in, and there's a topic name that's already spoiling it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanielBrems View Post
    Probably. But I wouldn't want to.
    I would need to know everything about the class situation at least. Everything.
    if i hadn't kept up on tanking changes my other tanks would of been slapped in the face, though most likely could of done dsheroic on my druid still without knowing of changes...tank changes were relatively huge except for dk and pala, which were minor
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    i couldnt deny myself the cinematic trailer.. ever

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    I managed to deny myself of most ingame stuff for Mists beforehand. Still watched trailers though.
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    1. Avoid everything
    2. Log in @ release
    3. Wtf how does this work me no play dis gaem REFUND REFUND

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    I could but I wouldn't. I'm not going to buy a game without having a general idea of what I'm buying. Also, as someone who likes to make gold, knowing a bit about the next expansion before it comes out is a huge benefit to me.

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    Well... I know that I couldn't I like all infos, spoilers etc. about new expansions. I get me more excited. I don't care what is in this infos before game release. Final product is always different that most people expect. But for me - I'm huge fan of WoW and no matter what, I'll always play this game. I love WoW as a whole. I don't care if in next expansion my spell effect will be green or red... Most important is what new expansion has to offer from "lore-side" - spoilers let me know about it a little bit faster

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    I've been doing that since TBC. I find that playing the actual game is funnier than look around for informations about its future.

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    No problem for me, i did that for most of MoP excluding the trailer.

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    when there will be information about the next expansion I will give you an answer

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    No, I wouldn't be able to do my job very well if I avoided going to MMO-C. :P

    Plus, I don't like surprises. I'd rather read every single spoiler and know exactly what was going to happen. When I personally do the quest lines or lore, it's the first time I'm doing it so it doesn't matter what I've already seen.

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    Yeah, I did that for mists pretty much. Made it so much better.
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    I tried with MoP.

    I failed horribly.

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    Well, a trailer is techically not a spoiler since it's being released to the public by Blizzard. If it was leaked and through a cam well that's a different story.

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    I doubt I could. Things get hectic around a new expansion's release/announcement, and it would affect my ability to mod. >.<

    Not that I'd want to. I love WoW-related spoilers.

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    sorta what i did this expac. I didnt read 10% of the stories, quests or whatever info posted on frontpage. I almost only read the class specific stuff so iknew what would happen to priests and most other classes so i knew what to expect. I didnt even watch raid streams so when i entered raids it would be completely new. Was a good release due to this.
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    Na..I couldn't and wouldn't. I deny myself the betas and ptrs however...

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    Nope. I don't mind the spoilers and I love seeing the new environments and 3D models. Especially the models in fact, they've always been my favourite part of the news posts.

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    That's exactly what I did before MoP came out.

    I had stopped playing when the Firelands raids came out, came back 3 weeks before MoP hit. I only saw the Cinematic intro and well, I saw class changes because of playing already during the pre-expansion patch, that's all.

    To be honest, that's nothing special really, sure, I got to know about many exciting things during leveling up, questlines were amazing. But again, nothing special.
    Why? When Cata was prior to come out I literally knew everything it was going to bring when launched and I still had loads of fun discovering the new content, etc.

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    I doubt I could. I like to see what is coming so I can prepare for it and it lowers the risk of missing something important. That and new information about upcoming content helps me to play the game because it also gives me something to look forward to

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