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    Not really. Though i won't watch any videos (because there is always some hipster faggot with stupid accent talking shit/and or some cheesy cockmetal music in background) that would spoil quests etc. But almost everything else what is posted on mmo-champion, can't resist reading those.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PvPisthelifeforme View Post
    Hello, I remember reading about a player, who once he had heard the next expansion was "Mists of Pandaria", he denied himself of any and all spoilers! The name aside, he managed to avoid going to websites, hearing from other players, and continued to the play through Cataclysm. My question to you, is that once the next expansion is announced, can you deny yourself said expansion's trailer, cinematic, information leaks, class updates...etc?

    For me personally I would like to do this! The only exception is to hear how classes are being updated from a close friend, but no details of spells. More or less "Yeah, DKs will be good" levels of vague detailness!
    I did so aswell before mop and its amazing to start the expansion totally fresh without any knowledge. Noob feeling ftw even after years of playing. Had beta inv from annual pass gave it to a friend of mine to play instead.

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    The way the game looks right now and how badly my class got screwed, calling old models with new names "new" has me saying NO, i dont play WoW anymore, and only if they bring in truly NEW stuff for the class i enjoy to play will i ever consider coming back to WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PvPisthelifeforme View Post
    Hello, I remember reading about a player, who once he had heard the next expansion was "Mists of Pandaria", he denied himself of any and all spoilers!
    He still does it to this day.

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    I don't mind hearing about the latest class implementations/changes or getting a quick glimpse at the upcoming armor sets; I try not to look too much into instances or strategies that are already set in place for the bosses and enemies therein because I think that detracts from a lot of the mystique and enjoyment that comes with going in there fresh.

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    Partially. I used to be the "MUST KNOW ALL THE THINGS" guy stalking mmo-c every 5 min to check for updates. But, with MoP I wasn't as curious. I had no problem "being surprised" or disappointed upon entering Pandaria. The same thing will probably happen for the next xpac too.
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    I'm sure you could, but you're going to get kicked from every group you join. I personally would prefer it to be like this, but unfortunately in order to play "right" nowadays you have to know 6 months in advance what all pre-raid BiS items are for your class, exactly where to get them, exactly what bosses to kill, all of the mechanics of those bosses, where to stand during x phase of y boss...if you're not already read up on all of this stuff the day the expansion drops, then you're a noob who wants to get carried and all the rest of that crap.

    I think this is why a lot of people miss the mystery and freshness of the Vanilla/BC times.

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    not at all. getting as much info as possible, and a beta invite, is what keeps me interested long enough for said expansion to be released.

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    I avoid all lore spoilers, and doing the PTR. The things I do look at are Class changes and Raids / Raid bosses I just couldn't bring my self to playing the r\entire game on PTR so that when it hits live it's all old.

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    Yes. I already did that with Mists. Other than the opening cinematic I learned nothing about the expansion. I still visited MMO-Champion and played in the game. I just didn't look at posts that contained information about it and asked guildies not to tell me anything. Personally, I don't know why people want to spoil the upcoming releases for themselves. Finding out what is new and what has changed once you get to play the updated game is half the fun to me. No way I would want to ruin that on my own.

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    Yes I can. MoP allowed me to quit once and for all and there is no coming back. Never.

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    This is really a huge part of what I think contributes to WOW burn out for people. Certain restrictions are necessary to appreciate many things, and the element of novelty and newness is severely cut short from the data mining obsession we have now.

    I was pretty floored by all the secrets Blizz crammed in MOP I managed to avoid learning about in development, the game hadn't felt so much like it was new to me like back in Vanilla since ye old Vanilla was new.

    The majority of WOW players today remind me of someone who looks up the answers to a crossword puzzle and then has fun filling them in, but for many of them they seem like they can't help it and they want me to use my powerful jazz hands to subdue them in a jazz stasis.
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    No, I won't even try because I know I'll fail D:
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    Completely avoiding spoilers is something I can't really do.

    However this time around I opted not to watch any comprehensive zone or dungeon walkthroughs. I occasionally watched a few highlight videos, but I didn't want to feel like I was playing the expansion vicariously through someone else. Since it did make the expansion a lot more enjoyable for me, I have decided to do the same for expansion 5.
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    I could probably do it if I really wanted, but I unsub from this game because I get bored with it. I need to see what the are doing differently to know if the expansion is worth buying.

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    No, I will follow the news about the next expansion. Because I want to know in advance if we will get more crap like panda, pokemon, and rehashed dungeons so I don't get my hopes up.

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    No-- I'd like to participate in the Beta, and, as an MMO-Champ moderator, it's pretty damn impossible for me to avoid news, hype, and spoilers! :P

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    if someone sponsors me £1 million, otherwise i'm just wasting my fucking time. :P

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    All I ever found out was pandaren, monk, something about sha and when I heard last raid would be Orgrimmar I told myself to not look at any news about MoP. Kept myself in the dark except the first news that got out.

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    Nah... I don't want to know any lore/quest spoilers but I do want to know what changes are happening to classes/specs and that kinda stuff.

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