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    Guild Ranks: What is considered "good"?

    Hey doods,

    Just a random thing I was wondering about... I've seen people discuss World / EU ranks and what qualifies as "good" since realm ranks really depend on the realm itself (talking WoWprogress here). So the question is simple, what is the general sense of a "good" rank for, let's say, average guilds (not casuals, not hardcore)? World 5000? World 3000?

    For instance, we have a World top 300 guild in our realm, but we also have a few World 2000, 3000 and 5000.

    Thanks and sorry for the weird question! :d

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    Usually top 800-900 guilds are the last to kill the final bosses before the next tier it's released (except final tiers, ICC, DS, etc), so you could put the threshold there. Lots of them are ~10 h/week guilds, so they aren't hardcore nor casual.

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