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    Lightbulb Laptop for college and Uni

    I'm planning on going to college and then uni, and i would like to take a laptop with me, would anyone suggest a laptop? i would prefer a range of £200-£400 but anythings fine, a long battery life, clear screen, i also would like one that doesn't have a glossy look to it, can work in sunlight too, Hard drive isn't much of an issue since i'll mostly be using it for note keeping etc(which means i would prefer it if it came with microsoft office, but as i can just buy that separate not much of an issue, any help is greatly Appreciated, Thank you

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    Honestly, in that range, you might seriously consider a Chromebook.

    Google Drive/Docs is as fully-featured as Word/Excell/etc these days, and can now be used offline (there are a growing number of offline apps for ChromeOS).

    If you MUST use Office, you can use Office 365 via the web (works fine in Chrome).

    You can get a nice 15" Chromebook for ~250$, quite often cheaper on sale. Battery life is usually spectacular (i get 12-14 hours of use on my relatively low-end Acer C710), and if you go above the base models the screens are usually quite nice.

    To give some anecdotal (but pertinent to you, perhaps, as you mention college/university) - my Aunt's daughter just recently had her MacBook crap out on her (nothing spectacular, it was old - original white plastic MacBook just finally gave up the ghost, and she abused the crap out of it) and needed something to use for school, so I loaned her one of my Chromebooks.

    She had no trouble adapting to using it at all - most of her music is from web services (and you can upload your entire collection to Google's music service if you want and stream it to yourself), her school (high school) prefers things in Google Drive, as does the university she is about to go to (Michigan State), it still does most things a computer needs to do offline (listen to music, watch movies, etc)..

    She ended up buying a Chromebook instead of a new Mac for school.

    Now, i will say that if you need very specific Software (like the Creative Suite, or any super intensive database work, or CAD, etc) then obviously a Chromebook wont meet your needs - but then again a 300-400$ windows laptop wouldnt do well there either. And Parts of the Creative Suite are starting to be available on the web (Photoshop can now be run in the cloud, and they demo'd it running on a Chromebook).

    Another thing you can do, if you have a relatively decent machine at home, is use your Chromebook to remote in to your desktop at home. I do this with anything my Chromebook cant run - i just use Chrome Remote Desktop to log into my Mac at home, and run the software that way. Its stable and usable over a 3G data connection (i tether to my phone if there is no WiFi available).
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    As you mentioned pounds, have a look at this one from amazon, it's slightly over 400 but it is on sale and with an sshd it should be snappy might be a bit small as it's only 13.3 inch but then again that makes it very portable

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