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    WG on frostmourne.. bug?

    ill keep this simple, just wanted to see if this problem is isolated to Frostmourne realm or on others too. basically ever since MOP and WG being scaled to 90, alliance have had control of WG and horde are unable to do anything to capture it due to the rank buff being dropped randomly. sometimes its right away others when we are just about to get vehicles but then there is no way to get it back. as a result for months now alliance have been able to queue whenever and get a free victory and access to the heirloom vendors etc, and horde get shafted... not cool

    anyone else having this issue on their server?

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    on saurfang the south west tower was bugged dropping rank. i avoid that area. also wg is sociable with a demo or siege. demos can fit through the walk ways of the fortress wall

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    Happens on Emerald Dream too. It's best to get there early and do what you need to do with vehicles before the game gets about half over, or else you will be without rank/ vehicles / honor.

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