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    Guild: Meridius -- SWTOR


    We are a Guild named: Meridius. We are a original Guild since BETA SWTOR. we have Leaders and Members who are very, very talented and multibased. The Meridius activities are:

    We do: PvE, PvP, Chat, Ops, Community Minded, Team Work, Noobie Friendly, Explore, Data-Cron Hunt, Story Tell, Recruit, Multi World based, Community Events, We also accept people from all diverse back-grounds, SWTOR Very KNowlesdgeable, Noobie Friendly, We do every thing, We also treat members with high respect and equality.

    if you would like to join please feel free to send me a In world message in SWTOR.

    Character Name: Ashlie (Jedi Guardian) OR! other means of contact: Feel free to IM here and we can make arrangements for your recruitment Hope to see you there!


    Ashlie Ashbourne
    Jedi Master
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