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    [Mage] tier 14 vs 15 set bonus

    So I was getting a bit concerned with the new set bonus, which I surely thought would be better than the previous, but considering how awesome the previous were... well I can't tell.

    I'm guessing frostmages like me will panicupgrade (due to the removal of VP upgrades) their best 2pc tier 14, since of the massive 12% ice lance damage increase. then again, 50 % cd off of icy veins (the 4pc tier 14 bonus), that's pretty cool too. 5100 haste is good, but it doesn't feel comparable. We'll see how it turns out, I guess.

    Your thoughts? I'm not the best theorycrafter, but doesn't it seem weak?

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    Doesn't help either that they're removing VP upgrading and I'm prioritizing my tier pieces already, so they'll be 517 and probably beat normal ToT pieces in item level too.

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    For frost its really simple:
    With 4pc t14 we got 20% haste/dmg every 3minutes for 20sec next to the normal ones.
    With 2pc t15 we got 5100(=12%) rating every 3minutes for 30sec next to the normal ones.
    Problem could be with hastecap as we cant make the haste to dmg like we do it with icy veins.

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    what Mrexcelion said pretty much

    this happens every single tier.....(except for ds and icc because these set bonus were OP) heroic pieces usually dont get replaced until the next heroic pieces (when i mean pieces tier pieces sorry)
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