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    heroic taoren vs pvp t1 weapon for PVP

    is it worth getting the t1 pvp weapon for pvp power boost or does the higher dps outweight pvp power in this case ? im asking because i heard pvp power is incredible strong and i dont want to waste conquest points

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    On my gear, pvp power is about 9% better than agility. So the pvp weapon with 4770 pvp power is like 5300 agility. However, when checking, my fully upgraded rf taoren gun (i491) gives me about 2.3% more dps than my un-upgraded pvp weapon (i470). Your heroic version would be much better.

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    The t1 PvP weapon gives you roughly 20% more PvP power, meaning you deal 20% flat dmg to other player. Taking into consideration you should upgrade it asap and it's needed for t2 (and it has resilience on it) I see not a single reason why you should use a PvE weapon whatsoever.

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    Heroic Toaren derps all over the t1 and t2 pvp weapons. The insane amount of extra weapon dmg outscales the pvp power from it. Add the extra agi on top of it.

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