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    [A]"Falcon Punch" - Ravencrest is recruiting for 5.2

    Falcon Punch is a new formed semi-hardcore/hardcore progression oriented guild on Ravencrest EU. The guild and raidgroup is building up and we want to build up a roster of 15 people for 5.2.

    We plan on raiding 5 days a week during progress and 5-6 hours a day. Raiding times are not set yet, but we plan on having them at 19:00-24:00 or at 18:00-23:00/24:00 GMT.

    What we expect from applicants:
    - You need to be dedicated for raiding. If you don't have the urge to kill bosses as fast as possible and as nice as possible don't apply.
    - Be a team player and be active in the forums, mainly in strategy discussions.
    - Players that fully understand the encounters and are able to execute them correctly.
    - very high attendance especially for tanks, healers.

    What you can expect from us:
    - a relaxed,fun but serious raid environment.
    - experienced officers who like solving problems and developing new strategies.
    - active class related talk, strategy discussions and theorycrafting on the forums with helpful people.
    - not just raiding but also guild achievments, personal achievments, guild events etc.

    Currently we are looking for:
    dps (mainly):
    - an enhancement shaman
    - a Balance druid with healing skills in restoration (core spot)
    - a frost+unholy dk
    - a fury+arms warrior
    - a rogue (all specs)
    - a warlock (all specs) (core spot)
    - a mage (all specs) (core spot)

    - a Blood dk (core spot)

    - a holy paladin
    - a holy+disc priest
    - a mistweaver monk

    we always consider exceptional applications of classes not listet above!

    how to apply:
    falconpunch[dot]guildlaunch[dot]com (temporary)
    or send email to falconpunchravencrest[at]gmail[dot]com

    For further questions you can contact:
    Ziphyr (healer and tank talk)
    Superpelican (dps)

    -Falcon Punch

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