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    New way to gear up for 5.2 with item upgrade system removed?

    So Ghostcrawler has stated the NPC that upgrades the items will be removed in 5.2, but gear that has already been upgraded will keep its upgrades.

    Does this mean that if you're still in the process of gearing up, it is better to just dump all your conquest into upgrading the few malevolent pieces you have now, then buy the other armor pieces with honor points once the new season starts?

    Because if you keep buying new items, you'll eventually get full malevolent, but no way to upgrade it once 5.2 hits.

    Or am i seeing this totally wrong?

    EDIT: Never mind this thread, answer can be found in http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...earing-for-5-2
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    I don't see that in the Patch 5.2 notes on battle.net


    joystiq.com does say more /tag/ghostcrawler & /2013/01/07/patch-5-2-no-gear-upgrading-planned/

    I think that what is being said is that patches with new raid/pvp tier won't have upgrades, but the upgrade system isn't disappearing
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    they are revamping upgrades in some way for 5.3, while 5.2 the upgrade npc is removed.
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