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    No, I'm sorry but that would be the worst idea ever.

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    I agree that riding had a sense of danger and mystery (I guess) around it, and I would definitely like to go back to it. However, now that I've had a taste for flying mounts it's not that easy to stop. It gives you a sense of freedom, speed and whatnot that you just don't get from riding.

    Maybe to combat this, in the next xpac or major content patch that gives us a new zone, make it where we have to ride. Kind of like what they did with MoP; they had you use your ground mount until 90 so you can then buy your flying cert. Maybe make it instead where you have to ride, always, or instead of paying just some gold do get your flying cert, you have to do a long, arduous quest chain akin to the old attunement quests to make it feel more special. Also don't have bad ground layout. I hate the ground layout for MoP, especially in the Jade Forest. I can't describe it, but I just completely hate how the ground feels. I don't know, it might just be me.

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    I paid a lot for my flying. Flying in the world( of warcraft) is something that is not only convenient, but that I enjoy.

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    If _you_ don't like flying, don't use it. It's that simple. The ideology of the dev on flying is outdated.

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    This is by far the worst idea I've ever heard of, seen or had the displeasure of reading. Who in their right mind would suggest this, or let alone think Blizzard would actually implement it?

    If you don't like flying, then don't fly. No one is forcing you to, and the entire game is still accessible while walking or on a ground mount.

    This is like the pvp on pvp realms not being fair. If you don't want the chance, then don't roll pvp. If you don't want to fly, then don't fly. Simple as that.

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    Worst idea ever. Not because I don't have the gold (I do) but because I already paid for my flying on a few toons, and shouldn't be penalized with a stupid "meter" for using what I paid for long ago. And yes, I really do mean the worst idea ever, which is quite an accomplishment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Britovsky View Post
    So there is this debate about the impact of flying mounts on the epicness of WoW experience, sense of danger that the outside world should have and the PvP factor for many realms.

    Since we cannot just delete them (that should be wasting lots of work and a useful resource), why not then just make fly to have a cost? Yeah:
    If you want to fly you will have to pay gold for each second. Want to fly with faster mounts? You will pay more.

    That would make flying mounts to be there just to be used as a last resorts for many and create incentives to use ground mounts more often. That is how it happens in RL actually, you just cannot keep flying forever.

    Of course there are very rich players around that would keep flying like if nothing happened, but come on, they have earned it somehow.

    What do you think?

    We have a penalization for resurrecting at the graveyard now, with gold. And we have a penalization for resurrecting several times, with a time delay. Maybe a likewise formule could work?
    No. Stop with these idiotic threads. Flying isn't going away and it certainly won't be changed in such a moronic pointless way.

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    Another one of these threads.

    No. Keep it the way it is. Changing it into something ridiculous as this will result in an endless shitstorm from the community.

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    I cannot like your idea less, what about alts why would i want to pay gold to be able to fly on any more 7 characters when i do all my main character, i have seen the area, i lived the experience why should I now pay money every time i mount up?

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    It does have a cost per second, we just paid it upfront when we trained and pay again when we buy new mounts. The more we fly the cheaper the cost per second is. I know there are no bad ideas in brainstorming, this idea is testing those limits though.

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    Just imagine you sent afk hovering in the ground but not landed like we have all seen dozens of times. You return to find your toon pissed away a few thousand gold while you were letting your dog out or making dinner. This would cause so many issues, ppl would never go to the summoning stones unless they had to getting groups for world bosses would take 5 times as long to set up, ppl would never to to dungeons/raids that you need to fly up to like Mech, TK and Eye, leveling in Wrath content would end up costing you gold to do already over played quests. The list goes on and on about why or how this is a poor idea.
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    I do think flying mounts completely ruin the game but I don't agree with the idea of paying per second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suggs View Post
    no you wouldnt, get off the bandwagon, it wouldnt take many hours before you and many others would silently think to yourself 'fuck no flying mount'.
    Its a bit like them people that scream for a vanilla server, 2 hours tops before they log off it and never go back.
    its not really a bandwagon thing at all, the entire world is dead because of flying mounts. If people need compromise, ground mounts can have their speed increased.

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    I am sorry, of course, but WHERE do you got those ridiculous ideas???!!!

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    Tbh the only thing I would go for is to allow players to dismount players with damage much easier. This ofc would be pvp orientated however if your on a pvp realm I wouldnt see a problem with this, just adds to the danger
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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderdragon2 View Post
    how about we do the opposite and remove ground mounts?
    If they did would anybody notice? Seems the time people use ground mounts is when they cant fly at the start of new xpacs.

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    This is an utterly ridiculous idea, with respect. I am a very poor player: I spend my money as I get it. I also fly EVERYWHERE. I cant be the only one like this either. Adding a cost to flying is just absurd, it would ruin some areas on the map and only make travelling even more boring.
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    Oh boy it's barely January and we got candidate for the dumbest idea of the year.
    Blizzard will never remove flying mounts from the game. Never. It's way too late for that, end of story.
    Maybe if it was 2007 and flying is restricted to Outlands because topography demands it it'd be different.

    HWGT removal was a different thing. This spell was making playerbase ultimate lazy, everyone expected you to summon his sorry ass to an instance. Some people even threatened to leave groups if they didnt get a summon. But HWGT was just one spell, they removed it and nobody cries after it. Restricting/removing flying mounts will erase many players' accomplishments in acquiring rare/expensive flying mounts, spending gold to train all their characters etc etc.

    Not to mention this would just incur another time wastage to the game. I play on PVE realm, I honestly don't give a flying fuck over all this world pvp debate. I want fast and comfortable transportation, either AFK tabbed out flightpaths or flying mount.

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    I think the cost should be health. I'd just set up camp a few places around the world and watch people drop like flies from the sky. It would be hilarious for a few months, then I'm sure I'd get bored of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Senchae View Post
    the entire world is dead because of flying mounts.
    You have a very strange definition of "dead".
    Oh right, sorry, I forgot that exaggerating is nearly mandatory to give any kind of strength to these silly arguments.
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    Don't you tired of this threads? You can't change state of flying mounts in WoW without severe game re-disign. Just stop.

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