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    No. It doesn't make any sense.. like at all.

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    I personally enjoy flying mounts. I think it would be okay if there were a few no fly zones, similar to how tol barad worked, but had a reason for people to populate it all the time. Also i think capital cities should have flying disabled, if you want to leave the city via flying mount have a airport or runway area where people of the cities faction (Stormwind only Alliance players can fly from it, Orgimmar only Horde etc). That way city raids will be forced to enter via ground mounts.
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    This is an awful idea. People really just need to stop making threads about changing up flying mounts how they are, it's annoying and it's beginning to become excessive. Flying mounts are likely going to stay as they've been since they came out, so deal with it.

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    We have a penalization for resurrecting at the graveyard now, with gold. And we have a penalization for resurrecting several times, with a time delay.

    If we didn't and someone came with the idea, we would have the same kind of response.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryngo Blackratchet View Post
    Huh? Who are you addressing with this? More epic to who exactly? If the majority actually felt that way, they wouldn't use it.
    That's because the majority of the people that thinks flying mounts strips the game from immersion, etc., still uses flying mounts because they are very convenient. Hypocrite? Maybe.

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    No, not a good idea.

    As this is maybe the fourth or fifth thread about this in the last few days, most of which had a poll, all of which the vast majority thought messing with flying was a terrible idea, I'm curious why people keep posting ideas that people don't like and will never happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Britovsky View Post
    We have a penalization for resurrecting at the graveyard now, with gold. And we have a penalization for resurrecting several times, with a time delay.

    If we didn't and someone came with the idea, we would have the same kind of response.
    No, taking the GY resurrection deserves to have a penalty. Flying on my flying mount that I've had since BC shouldn't cost me anything extra. If there had been a charge per second since flying was introduced, that'd be one thing. If you don't want to use your flying mount, great, don't use your flying mount. If you don't want to take the time to run back to your corpse, great, take resurrection sickness and the durability loss.
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    I like experiencing new content without being able to fly. I equally like reaching end-level and experiencing it again while flying in a whole other perspective. I do not enjoy experiencing it again when levelling an alt, as I've seen it before and it does not feel as fresh. I thus look even more forward for being able to fly again.

    I don't know if that's just me, but I feel it's working as intended. The new world becomes amazing to experience on ground, then even more so by air (Valley of the Four Winds must be appreciated from above AND below if you ask me).

    Just my two cents, thanks for reading =)
    Enough with bashing eachother, guys.. This community is still young and needs to grow up and show that not everyone are jerks. We're gamers and we enjoy games, don't bash eachother over what games they like or their oppinions, but don't let them bash others either. We need to come together and stand up, as a community, and help eachother out by being respectful and understanding. Please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Britovsky View Post
    I am ok how it is. But I wouldn't mind this kind of change.

    Let's face it, WoW world feels more epic while you cannot fly.
    "Epic" is in the eye of the beholder and I don't play a game to "feel epic". I play it for the gameplay, not to look at the scenery. If I want to look at beauty, there's this incredible thing of wonder called the planet we live on an a near infinite universe of true wonder.

    WoW is a game, developed by mildly creative people who don't hold a candle to nature.

    Regardless of whether any of you flying haters truly get some kind sense of epic wonder in a video from being on a pixel horse looking around at pixels intead of flying over and looking down at pixels, the world is SIZED FOR FLYING and therefore removing it would make transit times an even larger part of playtime than it currently is.

    If transit time is the reason you play WoW, then bully for you but for about 80 to 90% transit doesn't do anything but waste our time.

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    6 gold per second. With guild perk, 4 gold per second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryngo Blackratchet View Post
    When are these guys going to get it through their head.

    Who's experience are you trying to alter, anyway? If YOU wanna ride, ride. If you hate flying, don't do it unless it's completely necessary. Why would you care what anyone else was doing. You're worried about world PVP? Sorry, that was gone ages ago. There's plenty of other games that have it, however. You're free to enjoy those.

    Seriously though, with all due respect, you seem to have an issue and you're going to have to get over it.
    what this guys says. and apparently they will continue to think this way until the world is eaten by the sun.

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    We're not even a full month into 2013 and MMO Champion already has the first contender for the annual "most idiotic debate" ranking. Suddenly flying mounts are the enemy. Funny how a little personal tweet from GC is able to spawn a balderdash on such a scale.

    Also, I can't help but laugh at the completely nonsense terminology. Flying makes the world less "epic"? Seriously? What's more epic? Jogging along the countryside or soaring the skies on the back of an intimidating mythological creature, beholding the vastness of a fantasy world from a view you could never experience from down below.

    Next thing you know, Married ... With Children will be regarded as more "epic" than Lord of the Rings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rassium View Post
    I like General Off-Topic. It's really cool to see people with My Little Pony avatars advocating for genocide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolman View Post
    6 gold per second. With guild perk, 4 gold per second.
    They'd remove the guild perk later because you know, it was mildly convenient.

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    How about add storm systems to the game. They randomly fly through areas like Deathwing used to, with lightning and wind gusts that can knock players off their mounts. Not only that, but flying creatures that can't be attacked but that knock you off your mount. Can't take the mounts out of the game, so put danger in the skies!

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    i like flying aswell, tho i feel bad for my shado-pan mount.. that tiger is awsome.. but will only be used incase i ever do arena/BG's =/
    but people are crying like hell just because u couldent fly 85-90 so what do u think would happen if u did this? people would just cry or unsub it wouldent solve anything
    and people alrdy payed LOADS for the flying skills serveral thousands.. so why add more fee's too it?

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    Worst idea I have ever read on this forum.

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    Id be up for the removal of flying mounts, if you wanna fly, use the flight paths, DURP.

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    Things like this completely baffle me, i cannot honestly believe that people say 'if you dont fly it makes the world feel more epic' and 'flying mounts ruin the game' yet clearly without fail (and i dont need proof because its fact) log on to wow and use there flying mounts.
    Please tell me people are not that retarded....surely.
    The option is there for you to use ground use ground mounts and enjoy the epic quality of the world while everyone else does what they want to do and stop fucking wanting to change the game for everyone else.

    In fact no blizzard do it, take away flying mounts so all these people will piss and moan that there is no flying allowed because you know as well as i do...they will complain.

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    I think people like you should stop creating more and more spam threads about the same subject and post in one of the gazillion existing threads on the subject.
    Arguing with Trump is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what you do or say, he will just knock over the pieces, take a shit on the board and strut around like he won the whole damn thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senchae View Post
    Id be up for the removal of flying mounts, if you wanna fly, use the flight paths, DURP.
    no you wouldnt, get off the bandwagon, it wouldnt take many hours before you and many others would silently think to yourself 'fuck no flying mount'.
    Its a bit like them people that scream for a vanilla server, 2 hours tops before they log off it and never go back.

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