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    [Elemental] Dps help

    So this is my problem.
    Dps-wise im stuck, and it feels like I have been for a long time now.
    I keep doing my best to read up and improve on my dps but I really can’t see any difference whatsoever.

    So I was hoping you guys would take a look at my armory and maybe point out the mistakes I’m making, and I’ll also include some logs from a raid so maybe you can spot some rotation/priority problems I might have.

    I’ve also got Regail’s Crackling Dagger and Eye of the Ancient Spirit that I could switch out for the staff, as well as Chain of Shadow instead of the waist i currently got on.

    Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...alinn/advanced
    Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/n...m6/details/13/
    (Logs are the overall dps from a raid earlier this week)


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    I barely touch elemental nowadays, but i can see you're getting lava bursts in without FS up which should be one of your absolute prios.

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    take out elemental blast and use primal elementalist.

    edit: also i dont understand your reforging. My armory is above my sig.
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    don't forget searing totem (should be up anytime fire elemental is not up) (preshot magma totem for Feng's adds if fire elemental is not up)
    Use potions (prepot + during fight)
    Synapse Springs should be used every minute (synced with ascendance, do a power aura and use it asap : it should go "ascendance+ss",ss,ss,"ascendance+ss",ss,ss... you're doing "ascendance+ss",ss,"ascendance+ss",... which is not optimal).
    Try getting closer to hitcap
    preshot earthquake on Feng's adds.

    Also use either Primal Elementalist or Elemental Blast depending on the rotation you prefer, Primal Elementalist is beter if you don't cast Elemental Blast often enough and/or fail in your rotation because of it, Elemental Blast is better if you don't use your elementals optimally.

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    Looked into your Feng fight.

    FS Uptime perfect (better than mine, but I usually pre-shock with 7 stacks and miss some seconds of FS).
    Lavaburst seems also ok. (one every 4 sec - incl. Echo and Lava surge)
    However, you miss out on Elemantel blast (1 every 16 sec - incl. Echo).


    You totally missed out on your Searing during that fight. Only Fire Elemental shows up on the log.

    Why do you have over 17% hit in your armory?
    You may want to check your reforges.


    Ehhh - blue gem in your weapon?!
    Expertise on Hands?!
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    Yeah i have never really used searing totem on any fight dont ask me why but i tend to forget :P
    Also i have just changed around my gear abit a few min ago and have now changed glove enchant (exp = Hit) and i have a Purified gem in my dagger
    since it dosent have a sha gem slot.

    Seems like i ended up with more mastery and SP from changing around now abit so gona try it out but still like some more tips

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    any socket bonus that doesnt give +int should just be socketed for int.
    do what you feel.

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