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    Highest Burst Class? (PVE)

    My main is a Monk, and as much as I love it, we have pretty weak Burst damage (when every class pops CD's at the start of the fight, I'm at the bottom, when the cd's drop, I rocket to the top)

    I've almost lost all fun in this game, the only fun I really get nowadays is going ham burst at the start of fights to see how high I can get my burst.... What class do you guys think fulfils this role the best?

    I figured Warrior/Mage/Shaman, is there anything else that can do lolwtfburst? also helps for old content etc i.e. zerging Sarth3d/maly/ony...

    Just curious, I wanna play something lulzy for a bit when I cap everything weekly on Monk ^^

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    We don't allow "Help Me Choose My Class" threads here. Even a question of "best burst dps" is a bit too subjective.

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