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    elemental arena

    Hey guys, Rennegade here, I've been playing ret since BC and recently I have felt it has really fell behind. Im under geared for one but my shammy who I have refently started playing is far more under geared and definitely poses a larger threat. How does it stand I feel either it isnt getting the justice it deserves or maybe it really isnt that viable of a dps arena spec. Is it under played? Im trying to figure out how hard im gonna need to try to reach 2200 with this guy or my pally. Let me know! Please stay on topic and no class vs class I love them equally. Number two stick to both of these classes and their specs. Thank you.

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    2.2k as elemental is not an easy road, and you need to essentially to be carried by the team while playing top notch your self.

    2.2k as ret would be far easier in some zerg cleave comp. ret + feral, war, hunter, ect + healer

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    I have looked at the Feral/Ret/Heals comp. Honestly don't know what heals to go with Monk? Shaman? and for Elemental I figured it would be a hard road. But if i were to go with that what comps are most viable. I felt Maybe run with Ele/Destro/Druid?Pally? Its just an idea i felt like Destro and Ele would put out a ton of pressure due to guaranteed Crits.

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    as for elemental, mage or lock + rdruid or paladin would be ideal, destro is really meh in 3s for this simple fact just like elemental they are very easy to shut down.

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    If you just want to hit 2,2k as easily as possible you'll probably want to follow Stormspellz advice and do it on your Ret paladin as a cleave comp. Your preferred DPS partners would be Hunters, Death Knights, Ferals and Warriors. Enhancement also isn't too shabby to pair up with but you'd benefit more from playing with one of the other classes I mentioned. Healer wise you'll want a Shaman or Druid - Shaman preferred.
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