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    Question shadow vs hunters

    Hi been lurking around the forums for awhile, first time poster.

    I've been playing for awhile now but only casually done pvp and never cared or bothered to go for higher rating. Anyway my friend is very intrested in getting more serious in arena(resto druid btw) and he just dinged and we've been running some 2s to get him points and to practice. Now i know 2s is w/e and not balanced. We plan on running 3s later on but for now we are seeing how things go and getting in some practice together.

    We do ok considering the gear I'm almost full malevolent like 4 dreadful items but he is in shit gear for now since he rerolled. However right now whenever we face a hunter team there seems like theres nothing we can do, whether they go for me or him first. I feel like they have too many cd's and too much burst to try to outlive their cd's. I mean even if we survive first set,they readiness and it's all back up and if they have half a brain I can't really do much to them with feign and deterrance between silence shots.

    Is this an isolated 2s problem mostly due to not having another dps with more cc to stop them? What can we do vs them besides dot+hug pillars? I try to MB right away and use horror when they pop their cd's for the disarm. I use phantasm so i can get dots off but other then that i feel screwed.

    ty for reading and thanks in advance for any help.

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    Where did u spend your talent points?

    I play a spriest and never had a prob with hunters...they are kinda easy you just have to react to their actions... don't blow up your CDs immediately...plus as you mentioned your partner is shit geared...wait for him to get gear so he can have more survivability and can throw some big heals at you and at himself. Not to mention that you will get much better in time if you keep going at it.

    If hunters are bothering you then read about them, find their weaknesses

    The game is fine...people just like to say some useless stuff and usually others repeat after them...its not balanced 100% but its at a very good stage.

    Hope this was a bit helpful

    Best of Luck

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    Hi Dredda,

    Before I answer you properly, could you define what healer with hunters you got issues with, or is it every single hunter? Who is the hunter killing, you or your druid? And what mmr are you playing at? And could you link your armory, you cant since you are a new poster, but just tell me your char name and realm EU/US?

    - Tobbx

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