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    Question Most wanted class?

    Greetings there, I'm looking into to start playing again after a break, and wants to reroll. Basically my question is,

    what classes always seem to get picked to raids?

    Is it the player in general or is it the class that bring good utility?

    What buffs seems hardest to get?

    What classes makes YOU happy when you see them in the group?

    I'm wondring on this due I want to be that kind of person who can bring something into a raid which benefits the raid the most.

    Sorry if the questions seems a litle stupid

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    The class you are good at playing, nothing is more frustrating then a fotm player who can't play.

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    just don't play melee.
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    Anything that isn't melee dps.
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    Why are people under the impression that melee classes don't raid any more?

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    go priest, everyone always needs priest in one form or another

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    locks. folks love cookies and summons.

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    "bring the player not the class"

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    I'm going to say shadow priest. I suppose monk also but only because there aren't a ton so more guilds may be looking for one.

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    Just be a hybrid. And I don't mean one of those "yeah I'm melee DPS main spec, my tank set is incomplete, I forgot a few pieces on the boss..." type of hybrids, I mean the "Hey I'm a strong Boomkin who can take all that gear no one uses and I also have a viable Resto spec" type of hybrid.

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    Right now, the two most wanted classes are probably Warlock as dps, and Disc priest as healer.

    Warlock because they do the highest single target damage in the game (along with Arcane mages), but are at the same time absolutely excellent for multi target fights too. They bring utility that no other class can bring (Healthstones and Demonic gateway) while having excellent cooldowns to soak/ignore damage mechanics. They also bring 10% spellpower, and a hard to get debuff (+5% spelldamage taken) that you can only otherwise get with a moonkin or a rogue or hunter. Moonkins are rare, so if you run 10man with no rogue, you will be lacking this debuff. Hunters can bring it too, but they usually have to take some other buff that is lacking. Warlocks are just an extremely good class right now.

    Disc because they are by far the best healer. They don't go oom, they can do 60-70k sustained dps WHILE healing (atonement), and many raid mechanics become trivial with their absorb mechanics (spirit shell is godly).

    By far the two best classes right now for damage and healing respectively.
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    I raid lead a 10/16 hm 10 man guild, and I would say a good Ele (offspec Resto) Shaman.

    1. It's invaluable for a 10 man to have someone capable of respeccing to able to 3 heal a fight or cover for another healer.

    2. Ele are ranged, bring like 3 raid buffs, stormlash, bloodlust, healing tide, high burst/AoE.

    If you only want to do 1 role.

    DPS - Warlock, high single target, multi target, health stones, summons, ranged

    Heals - Disc, can contribute 50k dps while negating boss mechanics

    Tank - Pally, a lot of fights benefit from BoPs at the moment, and in my experience they tank and self heal so well they essentially don't need heals

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    Anything that it isnt melee, atm most serious 10 man guilds dont usually bring more than 1-2 melee

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    For a limited SINGLE role? I'd say a Warlock.

    Affliction has incredibly high DPS on both single and multi target fights and has a decent amount of survival. Gateways are incredibly powerful as well. While not as high single target they also have the option to go Demonology for even more durability and incredibly high AoE damage. You can't really go wrong with a warlock.

    It's hard to pin down who is overall the most valuable but I'd say the most valuable/wanted class at the moment would be a Priest. Discipline is just the strongest healer at the moment. It's style of healing offers the highest output and more importantly it's CDs all deal with a common trend this tier, high AoE physical damage. When AoE healing isn't required they can do moderate single target raid healing while contributing 40-50k DPS, which no other healer can do. Shadow priests are low on single target damage but incredible on multiple target encounters. They bring additional mana to the raid via hymn, have one of the more powerful healing CDs available to a DPS and can heal really well when wanted.

    Realistically any range/healer hybrid is good at the moment. Druid (balance/resto), Shaman (elemental/resto), and Priest (shadow/disc). Melee aren't awful BTW, you just don't want to stack them as you will start to see problems at a certain point.

    But yeah if I had to rank them it would be like this.

    1. Priest
    2. Shaman
    3. Druid

    Lock (if you're only interested in one role)

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    You practically can't go wrong with Mage or Warlocks. Nearly always the highest simmed DPS in at least one spec and one comes with Timewarp and the other healthstones and summoning portals.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aphorism View Post
    Why are people under the impression that melee classes don't raid any more?
    They're not. They're under the impression that melee DPS comes with the baggage of having another player near the tanks that is more susceptible to getting hit by mechanics the ranged players can ignore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ucplayer View Post
    "bring the player not the class"
    Love that line. Blizzard still believe in that saying as well, but 10-man raiding online made it worse.

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    I have performed all 3 roles in raids, im usually off tank, go dps for 1tank fights and heal from time to time, i play a paladin btw. As a healer i prefer dk tanks, why? because they are OP they have been for quite some time and it will remain that way, they are really easy to heal.

    When im tanking i dont like holy priests i think they are the only weak healer in the game, maybe im wrong but thats what i see. Anything else is good.

    When it comes to dps mages, spriests, dks and locks always seem to be at the top so there ya go...

    Quote Originally Posted by ucplayer View Post
    "bring the player not the class"
    Yeah sadly thats not how it works.
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    Hybrid caster, like shadow priests, balance druids and elemental shaman.

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    Personally l would go with playing what you enjoy and then focus your efforts towards finding a place where you are wanted/needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    They're not. They're under the impression that melee DPS comes with the baggage of having another player near the tanks that is more susceptible to getting hit by mechanics the ranged players can ignore.
    to be fair, hof seems to mostly want to fuck over ranged :P
    a lot of mechanics melee can ignore in there

    the tornadoes, the bleed dot, the amber pools, the amber scalpel, the cry of terror or whatever it is on empress, all seem to mostly hit ranged and ignore melee

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