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    Priest, since it is the best class from the perspective of game design and lore.

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    We run a melee heavy setup lately because our core ranged are kind of on new year's break/Januari break time rush. I did volunteer to go mage since these are fuck all rare, but they really wanted me to stay ret for all the utility and because I'm pumping DPS while my gear is inferior to my other guild members

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    IMO it is the easiest to get a spot for a good warlock and a good moonkin with resto offspec.

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    Being a hybrid actually capable of fulfilling all roles will help you. Otherwise, I believe Warlock and Rogue are the least played classes at 90, so you may have slightly better luck finding a spot as one of those. Affliction Warlocks have a very simple rotation and do great DPS right now, for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tidus93 View Post
    Anything that it isnt melee, atm most serious 10 man guilds dont usually bring more than 1-2 melee
    Outside a few fights, this has always been the case anyway.

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    Holy Paladin, always OP, god like support, always plenty of custom made drops.

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    the class specifically depends on realm obviously...

    so whats the smarter thing to do than posting a thread where you'll get inconsistant results? look up your realm census, or pay attention to trade chat, see what most guilds are in need of.

    But if you want a very broad-general answer, it will be hybrid (tank,healer,dps) class. They have the best probability

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    Shaman for Heroism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enosh View Post
    to be fair, hof seems to mostly want to fuck over ranged :P
    a lot of mechanics melee can ignore in there

    the tornadoes, the bleed dot, the amber pools, the amber scalpel, the cry of terror or whatever it is on empress, all seem to mostly hit ranged and ignore melee
    True, but you need ranged to soak those mechanics so they don't always go to the healers.

    On topic, you can't go wrong with a healer/caster hybrid as long as you can play and gear both roles. And if you want to raid 25s, mage and warlock are also decent choices.

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    For 25man: Warlocks, fury warriors, mages and disc priests.

    For 10man: Anything unique with flexibility, preferable range > melee.

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    Think about those clases that do everything f.ex: Druid, Paladin, So you can test like tanking, If you didin't like it go healer, if not then dps and there go on until you find the right class

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    If you want to reroll a DPS class I'd go with eleshaman, Spriest or Boomkin, at least for pugs. Anytime I see a pug they want nothing to do with melee and everything from a ranged hybrid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mew View Post
    Warlock because they do the highest single target damage in the game (along with Arcane mages), but are at the same time absolutely excellent for multi target fights too. They bring utility that no other class can bring (Healthstones and Demonic gateway) while having excellent cooldowns to soak/ignore damage mechanics. They also bring 10% spellpower, and a hard to get debuff (+5% spelldamage taken) that you can only otherwise get with a moonkin or a rogue or hunter. Moonkins are rare, so if you run 10man with no rogue, you will be lacking this debuff. Hunters can bring it too, but they usually have to take some other buff that is lacking. Warlocks are just an extremely good class right now.
    Druids don't bring that debuff anymore.. only locks and rogues.. or hunter.
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    Any spell casting DPS with a healing off spec. Melee DPS? Don't bother.

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    Are you rolling from scratch? Do you have RAF bonuses and heirlooms available? It'll take you a week or two at least to get to 90, and unless you're a tank it'll take you a couple weeks to get raidfinder geared. And at that point we'll be very close to the new patch, which is going to change the balance of who is overpowered and who struggles to put up good numbers.

    So don't base your decision on which class is topping the charts today. It would frustrate me to no end if I finished rolling up an OP class only to have the big nerf drop on the day I dinged 90. As a matter of fact, I'd stay away from the top 4 or 5 classes - those are the ones most vulnerable to the nerf bat.

    I would look at your realm, check the census numbers, see which classes are underrepresented at 90. If one of those classes sounds fun to play, roll up that one.

    The key is 'fun to play'. People work harder at something they find fun, and so they develop better skills. If you personally enjoy something, you'll be better at it. And if you're a great player and you aren't horribly obnoxious on vent, you will find a guild.

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    guess warlock and any ranged dps with good healing offspec is high up on that list

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    Just go Warlock and enjoy the epicness that is to behold you!

    But seriously there is so much a lock brings to the table especially for both difficulties.

    Spellpower +10% (read they might have stamina paired with DI too in 5.2!)
    Magic debuff +5 taken
    Great utility symbosis buffs for each druid spec
    Great portal jockies (they can dodge so much with the circle portal - Resto druid can make use of it too!)
    Wide variety of useful CC's - AoE Stun (Shadow Fury), Banish (Lei Shi), Fears
    High single target damage
    Great multi-dot damage
    Great MC breaker - Demonology can melt MC's to break them out faster than any class imo. (Spirit Kings / Vizier )

    I have loved playing a warlock before MoP and this expansion made all those spells in my arsenal exciting. You can't go wrong playing a warlock.

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    Whatever your 25 man is missing. If i really had to pick one, I say monk, because :
    a) if you're good as BrM tank you are doing the most dps along other tank specs and can outheal a bad healer while not being squishy (remember, skill cap)
    b) monk healers are topping meters, awesome cd's (raid and for tank, its not weak like 40% dmg reduction, its 100% dmg reduction because this absorb is huuuuuge)
    c) monk dps are being so much buffed in 5.2 its not even funny, also cleave with like 100yd range and ring of peace similar to smoke bomb

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    Any healer class is always in demand. I have two max level healers (Monk and Pally), two healers at lv86 (Both Shaman), 1 healer at lv85 (Priest) and two healers in the mid-70s (another Shaman and a Druid). The reason I level up and play only classes that are capable of healing is because I enjoy healing the most in raids, even though I'm slowly warming up to tanking and DPS. It makes it a lot easier for my current guild and for future side guilds to have access to every healer class, that way if I apply to a guild I can choose which healer to play, or if a healing class is weaker at a certain boss or during a certain patch cycle, I can main swap with no issues. And no matter which guild I've looked at, they always seem to be recruiting one healing class or another.

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    Fiddle around with them and go with what you enjoy, nothing worse than playing a class that bores you, Hybrid classes seem to be the most welcome in raid situations from my experience.
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