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    Not played since Earlly Cata - Am I in for a rude slap?

    ello, played WoW since Vanilla through to WOTLK and a bit of Cata, 4 months or so if I remember right.

    I have a few questions for the general PVP play and maybe a bit of serious "wtfmeight?" type of questions.

    1: Not a fan of arena, I am a fan of PVP and being a warrior seeing as I made 4 of them over the course of the game, presently with 2 lvl85s, one horde and the other alliance.


    Am I seeing this right, Weapons with 15-18k top end damage? 350-400k health pools for PVP warriors.

    Shockwave passive? CS passive? (Am I right here?) Heroic leap, charge, no intercept?

    Specs that can give breaks on snares and immunity to stuns? I was having fun with the talent calculator before, I could get 3 snare breaks in a spec without including the insignia of the horde/alliance. Now this is what I like about these specs, a way to shit on an frost mages parade. Anything that annoys mages gives me a smile.

    Also, Ranged spell interrupt for warriors without the need of a weapon? That sounds like fun.

    2: Whats PVE and PVP like?

    My gear would be atrocious at lvl90, would PVP prot be at least bearable for the time being?

    I tanked from MC all the way to Naxx 40, TBC raids/instances and a few WOTLK, dont even get me started on Cata. Tanking isn't a problem as far as I am concerned.

    3: what the frig did they do with the minor glyphs.

    I saw some major glyphs that should be minor. However there are ACTUAL choices with glyphs. I like the death from above glyph, that has fun written all over it.

    Minor glyphs: A flock of birds as you execute, flames out of my arse when charging. errrr, make yourself bigger? How big is this "bigger"? Does it stack with a Taurens fat ass?

    Did someone get a dev that plays a warrior and told him to take the piss?

    4: Playing casually aside, is this game viable to get a well geared warrior within a season of PVP and PVE? I cannot compare the TBC and vanilla eras to now so dont say "lol he is casual". I'm in no hurry to raid 5 hours a night, being at university an all.

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    PvE no idea

    PvP Stupid OP
    1) Load the amount of weight I would deadlift onto the bench
    2) Unrack
    3) Crank out 15 reps
    4) Be ashamed of constantly skipping leg day

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    1) New talents and glyphs are awesome. They are designed so that there's no "this is the best choice for dps on almost all fights" (even if currently there's still some cookie-cutter in pve).

    2) I may be hard to catch up before 5.2. Valor/Conquest been capped by week you won't get a good stuff really fast.
    During a given patch, though, the conquest cap is easy to obtain (at least the arena cap). The valor cap may be a bit harder as a casual but not that painful.

    If you want to pve, try to grind your reps (at least Golden Lotus) since valor gear requires rep (honored or revered) and you cannot grind shado-pan/august celestials before you're revered with Golden Lotus.
    We don't know if rep will be as important as today at 5.2, but it seems they will still be mandatory for some gear.
    That's the only farm really really painful and you can play to a decent level without griding all reps, so find your rythm and don't try to do all dailys everyday until you get sick of it.

    Edit: Oh, and Minor glyphs are supposed to be 100% fun. Nothing relevant in pve nor pvp.

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    Just level to 90 and gear up in Heroics like always. Nothing has changed in terms of gameplay flow.

    Basically all the previous talents that you had in Cata and Wrath etc. are now either instantly learned as you level and some are turned into Talents that you pick up at 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90

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