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    Help me improve my UI!

    I'll start by posting my UI:

    I've been using this UI with minor modifications (addition of holypower) since ICC times and I think it's time to change and fix things.
    I would like to ask advice how could I make this better,cleaner while keeping it informative enough ,pvp compatible and tunnel discouraging?(actionbars/lowerportion of screen) I see many amazingly clean UIs yet still informative ones on highend raider's streams,but none of them are tanks,especially paladintanks and I'm not really creative when it comes to design such things. (Hence why I also still struggle making a proper tech-HQ in minecraft.)

    I understand this somewhat always going to be of personal preference,yet something makes me feel you professional internetwizard folks could vastly improve on it (that would also improve my performance somewhat )


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    I actually like your interface, it avoids a lot of common mistakes.
    Here are just a few ideas:
    Get bartender or a similar action-bar addon and hide most of your action buttons.
    Only activate those that have a cooldown. This removes all but 10-15.
    Same goes for combat-text, you can disable all of them, as they show no information you can react on.

    To avoid tunnel vision I found it useful to have a seperate bar with your rotation-abilities, ordered from high to low-priority.
    That way you just push the button without a cooldown that's most left.

    I would also strongly advice you to make your grid-frame larger and move it to a more centered location.
    It is always useful to spread some hands or heals if necessary.

    You could also move your omen more to the buttom right and change it's background colour to black, so it isn't as distracting for your peripheral vision.
    Also, try to rely on sound-alerts as much as possible, it is really useful to be able to always notice them regardless of where you look at.

    Here is an awesome drawing I made:

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    Thank you Pyrena for your comment.I wouldnt like to hide my actionbar really because I use all of it pretty much.
    What I gathered is that I will make it a bit smaller perhaps along with chat frame,remove the gryphons on the border and move grid to the right corner.
    Your idea for Omen is actually quite good,I think I can make it inline with raidframe.I'm pretty fast handing out handspells anyways,someone asks for it ,done in the next 1 sec.However this means I need to something with the tooltip.

    Need a to find a way to hide or move the error message spam tho,preferably not a macro I need to execute all the time.

    Ultimately it all comes down to the information I need to understand and filter as a tank.I like seeing how much damage I do//take//healing take.Damage is untouched,healing taken is right of the actionbar,damage is left,pretty smallish frames,if I want to know I just glimpse there and I can see how much my face is being clobbered for.
    I have to keep track of ALL the cds including rotational abilities from time to time,the two maintenancy things a protadin has to keep an eye out for and when my cds run out along with holypower.

    My ui's biggest flaw I think is that as a tank I requires this many information to filter thru to effectively tank and time stuff,and then onto this comes DBM with bars and spammy messages and such-which even if I filter out the notrequired ones,can take up lots of screenspace and brainbandwith.

    Btw I love how you drew me
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