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    Quote Originally Posted by Melanieshaman View Post
    So, there seems to be too little of this in the world today. Tell champs, what fills you with utter joy?
    I feel pretty dumb (as in, emotionally), but having an understanding girlfriend (regarding personal needs) makes me incredibly happy.

    I probably don't tell her enough.
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    Joy - My partner and the birth of my 2 daughters.

    Sadness – Finding out that my youngest daughter is profoundly deaf at 5 weeks (she’s now 3 years old). Nothing more gut wrenching than being told that your new born has somert wrong with her. But hey 3 years on and she’s awesome both my daughters are and so is my partner.

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    Certain breeds of dogs. The way I act around them is just pitiful and undignified. I just love them so much.

    I was one of those kids who was so relentless in his nagging about wanting a dog that two totally unwilling and allergic parents had no choice but to give in and let me have one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melanieshaman View Post
    Tell champs, what fills you with utter joy?
    I will hafz to ask Elyaan.

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    Joy is a tough one. Happiness is much easier - joy to me is another level of happiness that is so strong everyone around you can see it. I can't remember the last time I felt joy just from myself, happiness sure, but not joy. The last joy I felt was meeting my last girlfriend and hitting it off. It can be called infatuation, but in the beginning I felt like I was always smiling and beaming with joy.

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    Getting out of the military with full disability after they were going through a reduction in force, told me I'd be receiving shit, and as well as telling me I had the possibility of losing my GI bill. Sometimes I still can't believe it, but when I check my accounts on the first of every month, no lie, feels like I won the damn lottery, and my heart bursts with joy. True story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everything Nice View Post
    I will hafz to ask Elyaan.
    Hahah, oh god <3

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    My electronic devices which have consumed my life
    Quote Originally Posted by Validity View Post
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    I don't really know... knowing someone cares about me too the way I do about them.

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    Hugging people
    ..Right after hugging one of my sick friends; Currently I'm sick because of it and so are some of my friends. In total truth I regret nothing.
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    Watching a film with the fire on and a blanket over my feet, late at night with a hot snack and an ice cold drink of mango juice.

    Can forget about everything and just indulge in a moment of warmth, comfort and quiet.

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    Being home and cozy.

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    Making someone happy.
    Seeing the smile on their faces because of something I did.

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    Lots of things, but to add to your list, definitely My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It's filled with so much sugary optimism it's intoxicating.

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    The song Joy to the World.

    And all other Christmas music.
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    Honestly can't really remember the last time I felt "joy". As someone else mentioned it's on a different tier to happiness. I'd guess I haven't really felt joy since I was a little kid, but there's still time. c:
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    Kitten showing up in my doorsteps while I listen to Fearless, a plate of delicious food in hand getting ready to watch the Big Bang Theory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seelenjaeger View Post
    Making someone happy.
    Seeing the smile on their faces because of something I did.
    Yeah, this. Knowing you made a positive impact in someone's day, even if it's something small.
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    I also do landscaping on weekends with some mexican kid that I "hired". He's real good because he's 100% obedient to me and does everything I say while never complaining. He knows that I am the man in the relationship and is completely submissive towards me as he should be.
    Quote Originally Posted by SUH View Post
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    Music and spending time with my girlfriend.

    Also, when people show appreciation for your work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seelenjaeger View Post
    Making someone happy.
    Seeing the smile on their faces because of something I did.
    This too!

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