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    Thinking of coming back to PVP

    I last played WOW from WOTLK and got burned out by the welfare pvp gear grind. I have read around for sometime and can't seem to find the right answer I am looking for so I come here to ask everyone. I read around that the game ever since cata getting welfare epic is alot easier and less time consuming? With playing 3-4 hours a day of pvp grinding how fast can I deck out in the main 5 pieces and weapons?

    I also just activated the 10 day trial yesterday and looked around the pvp vendor with my lvl 77 hunter and noticed no honor points. Looks like they changed the currency. =/

    I really want to get back into this game because I am getting quite bored of game consoles and like MMO world and pvp is my thing. I tried GW2 for a little bit and think its a good alternative for now. But I want to know how wow pvp grind is before I fully commit to coming back. Thanks!

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    Make sure you do your arena's or RBG's every week, just to get the weapons. Even if you have to suffer through them. You can get full Honor pvp gear in a few days or less, and upgrade them in a couple more. Then once you've done 3 weeks of Conquest gains save your 4th week for the weapon(s) Then you'll be full blue pvp gear upgraded with a few pieces of malevolent and wont get totally raped everytime a warrior or hunter targets you... nvm you still will... they are OP as fuck right now.

    Put the time in, get gear, feel good when you eventually get to the point where you're raping people.

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