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    My sister would be happy to throw me away.. I can't bare to throw away stale crust on toast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by breadisfunny View Post
    i throw it away once it gets moldy.
    also anyone who throws away bread......shame on you.
    I dont throw it out, but I throw it in the yard for the birds to eat

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    Yup, this has been known for a very long time. In fact there is easily enough food to support the entire world.

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    Not in my house! I think it's very safe to estimate that the fiancee and I eat (or save and eat later) about 95% of what we buy and cook.

    Too poor not to. Also, wasteful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacox View Post
    That stuff last a lot longer than what you are told. Use dates and expiration dates are purposely set earlier than actually dates to prevent lawsuits. "Expired" deli meats are usually put into your salad type dishes (ham salad) at the grocery story deli. The same reason why restaurants and grocery stores throw away so much food. Some even put locks on their dumpsters. People the food out of the dumpster and then try to sue. They can't (legally advised, not sure actually illegal) give it away for the same reasons. Send something back at McDonalds? They have to give it to you or throw it away enough their is a hungry homeless guy in the lobby.

    I used to work at a grocery store. When I started we were able to make down all of the "day old" bakery/deli items. People would come in and they would sell out. Eventually the store said we couldn't do that anymore, we would have to throw away huge garbage bags full of perfectly fine food and less people bought stuff from the bakery.
    When you mark down day old bread, then a lot of people will wait for the markdowns to buy, therefore by not marking it down the bakery actually makes money because people buy full price stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by shise View Post
    And if they do not want or are not allowed to do it, then give it to the poor people.
    Companies don't do this because they can (and have been) sued. Even if they give the food to people who would otherwise starve, and even if 99.99% of that food was fine, the 0.01% of food that isn't would leave them open to lawsuit.

    Be honest with yourself. If you saw a headline that read, "Multinational Company Feeds Homeless Man Bad Food" wouldn't you be just as outraged at the "big bad greedy company" that only feeds people "bad" food?

    Forget the tens of thousands of people that they've saved from starvation. They made someone sick, and they would be absolutely fucking destroyed for it. That's why they don't do it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tigercat View Post
    Don't use facts, they unsettle peoples' prejudices, and once that happens the flames start.
    Quote Originally Posted by krethos View Post
    Its Science, just ask Albert Einstien, he invented Space

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orlong View Post
    I throw food out at least a few days BEFORE the expiration date for perishable foods like milk and meat. Canned items get tossed 4 months before the date. They could have guessed wrong when they came up with the date and Im not willing to get food poisoning or taste stale food if they were wrong. Had I not bought it, it wouldve expired anyway and got thrown out. Also who wants to eat fruit with black marks or scratches on it? Sure as hell not me
    Actually, most will last longer, canned food depending on the integrity of the seal and what is inside, can last virtually indefinitely, the expiration date has more to do with legal protection than it has to do with how long things actually last.

    Meat will in many cases last less, depending on how your fridge is set, milk will last longer as long its closed, if it is open it doesnt matter what the expiry date says, it has a lifetime after being exposed to air.

    The "rule" for public food places is a week after being open, or a week after the expiration date, notice, this is already on a public food place which is liable to being sued, and as such their limits are inferior to the real lifetime left on said product.

    Also not to mention that unless you have some problem, a few bacteria wont do you any harm when ingested, that is what your immune system and stomach acid is for, in many cases of people getting sick is because their immune system is already compromised

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    If it looks edible and its not out of date - eat it.
    If it looks edible and is out of date - eat it
    If it doesn't look edible and is out of date - Try to eat it.
    If it runs away - Try to eat it.

    Its always try before study, if your stomach can handle it ;D
    "Why do we fight? To protect home and family, to preserve balance and bring harmony. For my kind the true question is, what is worth fighting for?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by sTyLnK View Post
    Yup, this has been known for a very long time. In fact there is easily enough food to support the entire world.
    Not really. Yes, we produce more food than would be required for to feed the world. But:

    1. We don't know exactly where the hunger will be and what products these people will prefer, thus we must produce more food than will be consumed to be sure we don't run out.

    2. Getting the food to everyone isn't easy and demands a lot of resources. Just because there's some surplus in an US walmart doesn't mean there's any point shipping it to Camerun for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fugus View Post
    What percentage of that food is from people throwing it away versus grocery stores and all you can eat buffets throwing out what hasn't been sold?
    working in a grocery store, not all that much gets thrown away by us because the food that is 'best before' gets marked down when it's out of date and the food that is "use by" gets marked down when it's close to being out of date and the mark downs are good enough that most or usually all of the mark downs sell. Like 3l milk that is usually $3 will be 50c but it goes off the following day, and I guess the people who buy it use it all the day they buy it or something.

    We do sometimes get use by food past it's date of course and then we have to throw it away but not as often as you'd think.

    Personally I rarely ever throw away food. That's mostly because I don't have a car so I only ever buy food 1 day in advance of when I eat it since I have to carry everything home. Only exception is tins which have massive use by dates anyway. Only time I throw away food is if I buy something to try it only to find out it's completely disgusting, and my dog doesn't want it either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didactic View Post
    Providers are a part of the consumer culture. It is true that said culture has become excessive and wasteful, but I would rather have too much than too little.
    Providers buy more food because people get pissed when they go to the store and there isnt any lettuce because the store didnt order more than needed so they overorder so there is stuff for everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah View Post
    People starve here because they don't have money and we still live in a society where people will lose their job for giving things away instead of throwing them away. I don't fault the vendors at all, they're doing what any business has to do to succeed. The welfare issue is inherent with any currency based economic system.

    Again, the point of the OP is still not relevant to poverty in America. Unless 50% of the country is starving, we still make far more food than we could ever use, so the figure is not staggering, sickening, or depressing in any way.
    They would have more money if they didn't have to pay for food. Some members of the government tried to tackle this issue here, although the bill didn't pass. Interestingly quoted in that article is the figure that only 6% of food waste in the UK is from retail, while 50% or more is from households - to answer a few questions posed earlier.

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