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    BiS list changed with a small hotfix?

    Ok, hey everybody first of all

    Atm I'm wondering about the BiS list. It always said Scimitar and Sha HC weapon for weapons ofc because of the extra socket provided by the Scimitar. Now there's the possibility of buying another prismatic socket for Sha weapons and you're able to use two of them while dual wielding two Sha weapons.

    So what do you guys think? Is this intended or not?

    I'm currently using one Scimitar and got my Kilrak just 2 days ago and now i saw that I'm able to use two prismatic sockets on two different Kilraks at the same time. That'd mean that 2x Kilrak> 1x Scimitar/1x Kilrak. I haven't found anything on the official forums and i can't post there, dunno why, but is this intended?
    Just upgraded the Scimitar for the 2nd time before i got the Kilrak just to realize that it's no longer BiS and i've wasted almost like two weeks for "nothing"? ( especially with Ghostcrawler saying that the NPC will be removed with 5.2)

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    can only use one socket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zelkor View Post
    can only use one socket.

    Just as a small example.

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    Welcome to the World of Warcraft...

    No seriously this always happens. And yes our bis list would change based on that.

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    I forget which thread I saw it in, but another thing to note is that the Sha weapon's stats are optimized as if there is no socket, so when you upgrade the weapons you will actually get more str from the ilevel upgrade than Scimitar gets.

    Kilrak Heroic 592 Str, +8 ilevel Upgraded 638 str = 46 str gain
    Scimitar Heroic 512 str, +8 ilevel Upgraded 550 Str = 38 str gain

    But in the end, if you already have Kilrak heroic and Scimitar heroic both upgraded, it's possible you'll get more of a DPS gain by keeping your current weapon setup and upgrading a different piece of gear +8 ilevels rather than upgrading another kilrak heroic weapon to replace the Scimitar heroic. It would require math or sims to verify that though.
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