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    Wink Destro/Demo Warlock PvP Stream on Twitch !

    Hello everybody,

    I am a new 17 year old Belgian streamer on twitch.tv who streams everyday (if i can) from 7PM till 10PM CET in the week. Of course I stream way more on wednesdays in the afternoon and in the weekend. 90 % of my streaming content exists of WoW but occasionally I stream other games like: LoL, Flash games (Happy Wheels, Draw Something) or Indie Games. When I stream WoW, I stream Warlock PvP content like: Arena (2v2,3v3 and sometimes 5v5), Rated Battlegrounds, World PvP or PvP events hosted by my guild <Honor Capped>. I just got back from a break since the begging of Cataclysm so please don't bash too hard on my rusty play style.

    I Play games to enjoy myself, I'm not a Rank 1 multi glad or anything so if you expect that kind of content you are at the WRONG adress ! I like to make people laugh and make their day from time to time. I consider myself more as an entertainer then a competitive gamer. I do take my games serious from time to time so I'm not a total noob but I play them for fun ! I'm always open for tips&tricks so I can improve my gameplay and improve as a gamer in general. I rarely play alone but with my friends over Skype/ooVoo and it can be hilarious from time to time. Americans, what did you expect ?

    If you want to see me stream, you can do that on my Twitch channel. I love all my fans and haters, I check my chat every second to keep the chat up-to-date. All questions, links, gif's will be checked instantly. If you follow me on Twitch you get a notification for when I'm streaming. I also have a Facebook and Twitter page for my stream. You can like/follow me to know when I will be streaming, to ask questions or leave me suggestions to improve my stream/game play. I hope I get some loyal viewers or people that will watch my stream from time to time. That is the whole point of this tread. You can always check my previous vods to see what you can get. All links are down below

    Twitch channel: --REMOVED--
    Facebook: --REMOVED--
    Twitter: --REMOVED--
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