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    Quote Originally Posted by semaphore View Post
    What does 5 billion years in the future has to do with anything human now?

    And the sun only does that before it's about to die.
    Hey now....the sun could be dying for a few million years right? so I guess you could live under a sun that's been dying since you got here, and long after you leave. Why so serious? Where's your imagination? Where is the speculation? Where's the heart and dreams in your answers...surely you understand that none of the things you hold as facts could have ever happened without someone having a dream right?

    /sprays you with silly string, puts a party hat on you, and places a cupcake in your hand.
    Now go and have some fun.

    OT: what makes me laugh the hardest about this, the meteors over the last day or so, and the near miss one of larger size. How off the (partly) mark is it? I know kids...I'm scared too! (bwaaahahahaa)
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    Quote Originally Posted by kivipää View Post
    And then we get to end that is pretty much more mubo-jumbo about wisful interpretation of ancient religious symbolism.

    And finally the line that could have saved me a lot of time.
    Of course it's all utter nonsense. What some may not have noticed though is that the OP is just a copy/paste from that insane cesspool of a conspiracy forum known as Godlike Productions ( <-- that's a link to RationalWiki, not GLP). It was posted over two years ago.

    The best part though is that the person who actually wrote it did so to promote his book, where all that shit comes from. Not only are his ramblings colossally stupid, they're not even original. All he did was jumble together ideas and plot devices from Dianetics (i.e. Scientology), The Matrix, Zeitgeist, The DaVinci Code, Ancient Aliens, and David Icke. Those elements were all spun together into a mind-numbingly ridiculous time-travel conspiracy story of an antichrist protagonist whom he portrays as a hero -- and it was all timed to capitalize on the Mayan Calendar/2012 "doomsday" scenario as a launch point.

    Just... ugh. The stupid, it burns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zalmatra View Post
    i cant wait till our civ starts exploring the galaxy weither its through warp drive or unfortantly the slow slow method of sublight speeds.

    which could be achievable with a properly made spaceship carrying AI "brains" and/or human minds uploaded into the computer of course given that even faster then light travel might not be "fast enough" or might be impossible for biological lifeforms to survive ftl speeds

    lots of possibilities but there are still ways for us to explore the galaxy you just have to follow where our tech tree is going
    I see what you did there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickat View Post
    I believe that
    If your "theory" contains these three words anywhere in it, just stop. Go back to elementary school and relearn the scientific process.

    The word theory, in a scientific context, does not just mean any old thing you dreamt up that sounds good.

    It starts with real observations and fact collecting, not conjecture and made up scenarios.

    You don't just get to go around and posit that something is true just because you want it to be; reality doesn't work like that.

    DISCLAIMER: This post is not directed at OP or anyone in particular, I know OP didn't write this, its just a blanket statement to anyone who believes garbage like this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sayl View Post
    Just... ugh. The stupid, it burns.
    /end thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post
    Because it's still a cool read and something very interesting to consider...
    It's not really either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by semaphore View Post
    It's not really either.
    It is a glance at a perspective so alien to your own that it must broaden your knowledge of man should you read it?

    Or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xarkan View Post
    It is a glance at a perspective so alien to your own that it must broaden your knowledge of man should you read it?
    A perspective based on nonsense doesn't broaden knowledge.

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    it's a nice story, but venus is too close to the sun. it'll never be like earth.

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    damn i thought i was the first person to think of this but i am woefully delayed in coming to this conclusion haha I'm not sure i agree with the theory about the gas giants but i think that mars was once earth when the sun was hotter and as the sun cools venus is going to become earth and earth will become what mars is today. I think its an entirely probable theory. But I mean if the sun becomes a red giant it would probably envelop venus before that happened.

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