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    New idea for PvP gear #1003457632

    I think the developers are trying to limit PvP gear item levels in PvE without considering a simple solution that would benefit both.

    I was thinking the problem with PvP gear scaling threatening PvE gear could be changed with a simple fix. Remove "ilvl" from PvP gear and change it to "plvl" or whatever letter floats your boat. The plvl items won't be counted toward raids/dungeons requirements and vice versa, so you can't game the system to get into either one. Matching plvl for PvP grouping. Make ilvl items unequipable in PvP (except world pvp) and plvl in PvE so no bag tricks. Quest rewards should offer an option to chose an ilvl or plvl quest reward so you can gear up accordingly without doing noob gear grinds in PvP. Crafters or the ethereals should have some method of converting ilvl to plvl gear for a price but put limits on them. Crafters can also get some some love by making upgradable PvP/PvE gear for noobs to help out too. I just hope it won't be such a hassle but then again I'm not a programmer


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    More separation and more barriers? Nope.

    I would rather see them have only one type of gear in this game, so it doesn't matter where you get it from... it's the same, and resilience is only a character stat, that scales with vitality or something like that.

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    blizzard is against as having too many game restrictions. they want for everyone to be able to do everything regardless of xp/gear, mind you ABLE not be good.

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    However much I wish PvE and PvP stopped interfering with each other, in a way it's actually good game design that they do. A lot of PvPers I know like to do PvE on the side and vice versa. They shouldn't be punished for enjoying both types of gameplay.

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