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    I am trying this out tonight. I could care less about the ToS. They want my money they will let me play with anything that makes the game more enjoyable, because it needs the help to look past the CC spam fest that pvp has become.
    Pvp is generally won by control. Expect it regardless of where/how you play unless it's well made groups against mouth breathers.

    Oqueue's well worth a look tho.

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    So because a cheater isn't caught it means Blizzard doesn't care? That's silly logic. That's like saying if there is a criminal loose or people breaking the law then obviously the Police doesn't care.

    OT: I've heard of (OQ) I always wondered what it meant but now I know. I don't know if it is an addon that breaks the rules but if it does, it doesn't mean Blizzard doesn't care.
    It (and addons like it e.g AV enabler) used to break rules (allowed automated queuing of multiple groups to get around the 5-man ban on random pvp) but Blizzard specifically went and broke that particular bit of functionality.

    As such it's now no different to getting 2 groups of 10 people from your realm and queuing together with co-ordination over vent/ts/mumble/raidcall/skype (checking both groups got the same queue pop etc too) except it retained all it's social functionality. People who use it and pvp start appearing on your bnet friends list (check your battle net privacy settings in account admin before use - be careful tho, 1 option will pretty much kill the addons ability to work) as you are "connected" with more people you'll start to see pre-made games appearing on the list of available groups. They will have figures for the required resilience/rbg rating/ilvl etc the person running them is filtering to and you get a nice easy "wait list" button for those you meet the criteria for.

    The person running the group see's your name pop up on their "wait list" and can invite you (or not).

    It's retardedly simple + effective.

    As Blizzard specifically broke ONE part of the addon but left the rest uneffected you can be fairly sure they a) know about it b) don't consider it "illegal".
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    I knew it would be useful to be french at some point.
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    just get a mac. It's like sleeping with a fat chick to avoid STD's.

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