Hello all,
I have hit a stumbling block when It comes to the decisions I am to make involving the Wii U and a decision between a Vita and 3DS.

First up the Wii U I would like your opinions on which games I should be picking up outside of the games that come within the deal i.e Zombie U and Nintendo Land. I am asking you this as I want regular gamers opinions from each end of the spectrum (Casual and Hardcore).

Now the decision of which to get the Vita or 3DS I personally like them both equally and would like to know anyone's experiences of each of them and of how good the line up of each consoles games not from the website of reviewers who lets be honest aren't that useful at times. Any recommendations of games and even comments on the consoles themselves would be appreciated!

Would like to note I am a great fan of rpg's but pretty much play any game that exists apart from those weird kid games.

This is a jumble of writing but I appreciate any replies,