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    I think having it at all damage is fine if the drawback is that the range isn't great, that was what I was getting at.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saegno View Post
    Maybe, and that is a big maybe, at the super, upper echelon, top .01% of guilds for niche fights like garalon or wind lord. Other than that, and for the majority of the player base, I don't see it costing anyone a raid spot.
    But the horrible weakness of rogues has already "cost them raid spots". In the "top .01%" guilds, players maintain more than one raid ready character, sometimes of different classes. This essentially gives them more specs to choose from should a fight be all about a certain mechanic. We saw world firsts with 40% druid this time around, because "heart of the wild" allows for much more cheesing that was intended, but overall, I don't think that top tier guilds are dropping players because of a class being weak. But they do drop classes.

    Now, lets talk about the top 10% of guilds, which has little in common with the top 0.1%. It's much more common to find people in that bracket who play a class and are good at one or more roles, and for them to approach bosses with better than bare minimum gear. In that group, you do find people who reroll away from rogue. This is because rogue is very underpowered. "But wait! But meters!" Yes, that is nice. I'm glad that rogues are not neglected in their pve output on most fights. But when you are trying to kill bosses, there's not many situations that require nothing but top tier dps specs. Most are happy with top tier dps players- and at that point, why not get all that extra utility out of it? Why not heart of the wild on your blade lord transition and throw hots like crazy as the group takes damage whilst running and the healers have a hard time of it? Why not bring battle res, and innervate? Why not bring rallying cry, demoralizing banner, and skull banner? Why not throw a stormlash totem, or a healing tide totem?

    These are raid buffs that are either limited or unique. Why they went out to classes and specs that seemed to have no issues being brought to raids confused me at the time, and still honestly does. Skull Banner should just have been a rogue thing from the start. It's even more wacky that these classes bring powerful dps tricks in healing and tank modes, and powerful healing tricks in dps and tank mode.

    The power of a class is how much it helps your guild kill bosses. Currently we have an issue where our maintank just kind of phased out, like a wonderful girl you met in a dream, and you spend the rest of the day wondering if it was real somewhere? Just like that. In replacement, our dps warrior (a tank in a past life) and our ret pally step up and tank. That's powerful, and I can't do that... unless I want to roll another class. My attachment to my main hurts my group, because rogues are weak. In exchange, there's a bit of extra damage, and that matters a couple times a tier... but other tricks would matter more.

    But it's no secret that being able to switch roles is a huge benefit- the other question is like, stormlash totem and skull banner. These are clearly damage done by the shaman and the warrior, but recount doesn't record them that way. But they are huge dps cooldowns, and rogues have nothing like that. Or off healing. Or several other tricks.

    So yea, smokebomb actually doing something in pve besides wiping groups if the boss has a mind control mechanic, would be very friggin nice.

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    Thats quite cool , also would like tricks to be turned into something like Stormlash/Skullbanner , obviously that may just be asking for too much xD

    @ Verain , if Convert/MC is coming up and you leave Smokebomb/Blind up maybe raiding is not the best option for you.
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    (All from a PvE perspective)

    I think it's great and was an idea I proposed awhile back, it turns a currently useless skill into a raid cool down. Exactly what we need, were always in melee and most times often than not we'll have to drop it either for heavy tank damage or for when the entire raid stacks. Not quite sure how this is considered a bandaid, its a huge change to SB.

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