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    Frost 2H DPS rotations issues

    Hi. Problem at hand is strange.

    We know the prio is using HB on rime, FS if RP is over 80 and Obli whenever the runes are availble and if Killing Mashine is up.

    My common problem is the following.

    I use Obli, gather RP over 80 and then spam FS. Most of the times the moment i spam my FS button the Killing Mashine procs and I waste most of it on pre-pressed FS.
    Also some times My Obli is at 2-3-4-5 sec CD and I get a Killing Mashine Proc. What to do at that situation? If CD is =<3 secs wait for it? Or just unlish the FS spam again?

    Is there an addon that can "guess" when KM will proc?

    You see, I even tried changing the habit of pressing 444444444 (4=FS) to a 4 4 4 4 4 patern. BUT even then, the KM sometimes procs the moment I pressed FS and again goes to waste.

    My armory is under Kirrito, Ravencrest, EU server in Stormwatch Guild (cant post links:/)

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    Adding a delemma. On fights like 1st boss MSV, or Garalon or wots his name. When u got moar then 1 target (or when u got Garalon that takes extra damage when withing the circle of his legg), do I spam HB to get most of the dps?

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    1. get an addon showing your swingtimer
    2. dont FS if you're about to autohit
    3. ???
    4. Profit!

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