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    Dk Tanking

    So i was wondering if there is any guides etc which could help me for tanking heroics when i hit 90. Currently 87 with 415 gear and just wondered how titan grip warriors can take aggro using raging blows with one strike..i always have DnD down in a group and use blood boil & heart strike and still seem to lose aggro to warriors who are fury i don't have trouble with any one else but if there is any way to increase my damage etc to get more threat i would appreciate knowing them also is there any way to keep good aggro on a group of mobs easily.

    bottom line is im desperate for help as i like tanking as a dk (not done it since wotlk and would like to get started again)

    thanks in advance

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    I know nothing about DK tanking, But a site i use always have good information that is great for helping me out when i decide on a new specc, and to the other people i know that have used it, Plus it's great, clean and easy to read information

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    I know its a bit of a stupid question but are you using blood presence? Bar that it might just be gear, also are you using death strike?
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    If you're losing threat in that situation you're either not using blood presence or the warrior is using defensive stance.

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    A warrior can crit about 60k on 3targets at the same time with 2x whirlwind and then raging blow(yes while lvling 85-90). To hold aggro against that you'd have to pull with outbreak, DnD on the way and blood boil to spread diseases (with roiling blood). If needed, use Dancing rune weap too (before you outbreak for double diseases).Don't use heart strike unless it's 2 or less mobs, use your 2x blood runes on blood boiling. Be careful not to use any death runes on HS/BB as you'll need those for DS. Avoid getting RP capped as any RP above cap is wasted, RC talent helps with that as you don't have to game runes and you can just RS whenever you want to avoid getting RP capped. If you notice a warr doing extreme amounts of aggro even on single target, then they must be in defensive stance and you should ask them to switch to battle stance.
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    One thing I noticed when tanking with lower gear was that I always had to keep up my diseases or I was sure to lose aggro, whether it was one or more mobs on me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fazo View Post
    One thing I noticed when tanking with lower gear was that I always had to keep up my diseases or I was sure to lose aggro, whether it was one or more mobs on me.
    This and you'll never lose aggro.

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    Using blood presence (obviously) and always keeping diseases up on your target/targets goes a long way.

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    dont think its your fault. warriors can be very bursty in dmg. if the warrior jumps in fight directly with dragonroar for example, theres no way to tank that. normally dps have to wait 2-3sec before starting an aoe attack. cause dk needs outbreak, bloodboil, 1st tick of deseases, THEN go. its sth that i encountered often, dps starting their rotas with aoe, good for dps and death afterwards, cause you get aggro of everything thats not maintarget of the tank ;-)

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    I just hit level 85 last night on my DK and I have been blood and tanking all the way. I dont believe one player has got aggro off me in any dungeon ive ran and I have been levelling through dungeons so you must be doing something wrong.

    It has been the most easy and fun levelling process ever by the way so I highly reccomend it.

    On topic, just get the diseases on asap and then use roiling blood and blood boil and they are yours. My only tip for you would be to forget Tank gear, just get any gear with DPS stats and hit and exp. Blood Dk's are so OP at low level there is no need for any parry or Dodge and of course it will increase your threat per second.

    Also grab fallen crusader enchant on your Weapon, and just dont even think of using Heart Strike until maybe 88 it is useless!! Blood Boil everything!!

    Obviously my tips are for levelling and not at 90

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