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    I have blue eyes, and I believe they vary in darkness, from Ultramarine to what I can only describe as Blue Marble.
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    My left is brown with a rectangular block of green on the left side covering about 30%, and then my right is green with a ring of brown in the middle. Sorry I don't have a pic to explain it though.
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    My eyes are intensive green color, although sometimes it seems they change color to dark green

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    Mine are blue/grey.. I must be the only Swede that is blond with blue eyes

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    I've got hazel eyes; Normally the green is dominant in the mornings and late at night, and the brown is dominant during the day, and I wouldn't change a thing about them.

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    Greyish green with a little yellow circle around the pupil and a little brown dot on the right eye only =P

    and wouldnt change them, its really unusual eye colour, i like being a special snowflake
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katsuii View Post
    They change colors sometimes... like green-ish when I cry or wear purple, super yellow, dark amber.... But typically look like this:

    I usually just say I have hazel.
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    Only the best colour in the books! Green of course!
    A much darker green around the edges, moving into a more yellow-green in the middle.

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    Grey eyes. I heard a myth at one time they were blue but it's been a long time since I was happy enough to illicit that, there's an old picture of me with very blue eyes when I was 9 here. But nowadays given the sorry state of most peoples lives, I have to make do with just being 'satisfactorily content, average mood'. Which sets my eyes at a definitive Grey.
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    Blueish gray. They change colour depending on my surroundings. If Im outside the blue is dominant, indoors the gray comes out more.

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    Greyish blue with a tinge of green
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    my eye change color every 5 years or so in french my mom call it 'pair' wen i was a kid around 4-5 they were bright blue now they are gray on the outside some shade of blue in the center and light brown near the iris wen i was 15 they were green also

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    Dark brown. Usually they look black (you gotta look at them in the light to see the brown).

    Wouldn't change them, they were the eyes I was born with.

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    Most people seem to think mine are brown / hazel, but if you actually look or there's bright light, they're green. One has a sort of orange-brown ring round the pupil.

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    Mix of dark and light blue. Ignore the lovely red eye.

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    Mine vary from day to day.

    Sometimes they are green, sometimes blue,other times grey. Sometimes they are all of the above all at once. No matter the color, they have a gold ring around my pupil with gold striations.
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    grey like iron with a really thin emerald green circle around the pupil. I've heard people say they make me look like a daydreamer (No idea what they mean though)

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    There was something I read in one of those ancient astronaut theories that mentioned eye color and said that there were 3 eye colors the "aliens" genetically set us up with blue/green/brown(hazel) and that would identify what our strengths are, what we were meant to do in society. The other colors are all cross-breeding mutations.

    Blue eyes meant you were a healer type - you could be a doctor - a social worker, but basically you cared for others and their problems.
    Brown eyes meant you were a thinker (mathematical kind). These were the engineers, builders, planners.
    Green eyes meant that you were intune with the earth and its natural order of things. Made the best farmers and everything having to do with that.

    I know... it's just something I read I thought was fun and fitting of this thread.

    onto my eyes... they are Hazel. That is not interesting, something interesting about my eyes is that one of my pupils is always fully dialated. The eye doctor checked it out - made sure it wasn't a brain tumor. He said that can be a sign of a brain tumor - but it has been that way all of my life.
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    Mine are Hazel, and they change to a light greenish tone. I love my eyes...I always get compliments on them, random girls come up to me just to say that my eyes are awesome. They are my wing men. Lol. xD

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