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    HP monitor "Power Button Lockout"

    Hey, I've got this hp monitor, HP w2338h http://www.google.com/shopping/produ...&ved=0CL8BEMQf.

    And I came home lastnight and saw that it never turned off, when I left. And when I press the power button now, little white box pops up on screen saying "Power Button Lockout" stays up for like 10 seconds then goes away. Never had this happen before, even went into the settings and did a factory reset to see if that would do anything. So to turn it off when I was done I had to just unplug the power cord, it turns back on fine, but when I go to turn if back off says same thing each time. Guess its not to much of a problem, but unpluging the power cord everyday, will cause wear and tear on that and the thing it plugs into.

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    Hold down the power button for 10 to 30 seconds until it shuts off and that should then disable the lock out, first thing that popped up with google

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