View Poll Results: The race of your very first character was...

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  • Human

    236 20.94%
  • Night Elf

    291 25.82%
  • Dwarf

    97 8.61%
  • Gnome

    56 4.97%
  • Draenei

    13 1.15%
  • Worgen

    1 0.09%
  • Undead

    135 11.98%
  • Tauren

    113 10.03%
  • Orc

    85 7.54%
  • Troll

    63 5.59%
  • Blood Elf

    35 3.11%
  • Goblin

    0 0%
  • Pandaren

    2 0.18%
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    Tauren Shaman I believe, and I deleted it very quickly.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    Human Mage November 2004 on Dalaran - Aleficius (I think).

    He's long LONG gone :P

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    Night Elf Warrior in tbc. Was playing it on my dad's account then I decided to buy my own account and was sad when I realized I couldn't transfer him over. So then I started playing a night elf rogue which I faction changed him to an orc in wrath and it's still my main character. Still miss my warrior Q_Q

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    Tauren Druid =)
    Druid since Feb. 06

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    My first toon was a Human Pally, back in the days of 30 second seals and judgements removing the buff. After I hit level 15 or so, I deleted it and rerolled my current main, a Blood Elf Lock

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    Undead Rogue not my main anymore

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    I was a Gnome--the class I rolled escapes me--that I played originally about 2 1/2 months after launch in a gaming cafe. I had no idea what I was doing, or what the big deal was about this "World of Warcraft" stuff. I wouldn't 'get it' until I picked up the game again after BC's launch with my then-girlfriend now-wife.
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    Undead Rogue - Metalistamax (which means Metalist Max)
    Main: Fisitierra (Wildmax), Drak'thul - Semi-Mythic Raider
    Full 12x lvl 110 and crapload of other characters.
    Lorenerd, altoholic and hopeless dreamer.

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    Human lock, still my main
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    Dwarf Hunter, "Phearon" on Khaz Modan. I didn't realize I could shoot stuff, ran around as a melee Hunter for about 25 levels.

    Then I got word that my brother's guild needed a Druid. So I made a Night Elf Druid, "Breimann" on Dalaran. I healed with that druid for years.

    Three months before Mists hit I decided to xfer Phearon (then 39) from Khaz Modan to Dalaran. Today, the character that I first made is now my main.

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    Gnome warlock in Beta. Tauren shaman on live.

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    Asian lesbian aswell

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    Night Elf Warrior got him till level 10 and then I got lost. Deleted him then and started a Gnome Lock. Still have him after 8 years

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    In Live World of Warcraft, the one and only REAL WoW!
    A black female tauren hunter with green eyes. She's still my main, but has been all Alliance races except gnome and Goblin/belf on Horde. Currently panda, waiting for new character models and then I'll decide what she'll be.
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    A very first one was a Night Elf Rogue,
    BUT the second character I created back in BC was a Tauren Druid, which has been, still to this day, my loyal main ever since .

    (Edit: I decided to count them both, since I wasn't sure what the question meant exactly; the very first character created or the one that you decided to play with)
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    Heh. Night Elf Rogue.

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    lol warlock orc looked so cool but then went with undead rogue

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    Funny story, after playing hunter in vanilla beta i saw this video......

    And i was amazed how cool it seemed to be rogue, so since day one it have been my main, an undead rogue (goblin atm).
    Ofc the video is a joke nowadays ganking lowbies with no skill what so ever, but remember that this was beta and people did not know better at the time
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    Female Night Elf Hunter, I still have her and never have I thought about changing her, I love her <3.

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