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    [PVP Ret] Dancing Steel


    Until now, I equipped the weapon chain. I mainly do battlegrounds, and even in RBG, I think I could count on a single hand the times someone disarmed me. So I was wondering about Dancing Steel enchant. Does it proc often ? Is it a good enchant for PVP ?

    That's all. I did a little research to find out the procrate but didn't find anything yet ... didn't search much either.

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    I run with Dancing Steel in arena , just take Glyph of Harsh Words and use WoG against enemies as your finisher during disarms since you can use almost everything still while disarmed.

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    Either one is fine, I like dancing steel since it helps in every situation, while the chain is situational. Dancing steel procs a lot, and even the best Rets indicate that both are alright. If the enermy team looks disarm-heavy, just take glyph of harsh words as Linkozz mentioned.

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