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    Question Profession Transfer.


    If you could transfer a profession from char to char, would you pay for that?

    I always find myselfe starting a new toon, and wanting the same profession i had on my last one.

    As now im playing a new Warrior, and want enchanting and engineering on it, the same as my Rogue.

    But meh, i feel like having to start all over again costing alot (time) .. while i rather had the option to just transfer them.

    Not copy profession ofcourse, the thing that would happen is just that my Rogue would get without profession.

    I would pay 20eu for that, would you?

    Share your toughts.


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    It takes like 1 day to max out your professions nowdayss soooooooo, no I wouldn't pay 20euros for it :x
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    Quote Originally Posted by nowish View Post
    It takes like 1 day to max out your professions nowdayss soooooooo, no I wouldn't pay 20euros for it :x
    If you buy all the mats and powerlevel it. Not everyone can afford it without farming...which takes a lot more than a day.

    I don't know if I would. Seems wasteful when many professions can mostly level by leveling.

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    20 euros is to much for that, 5 euro would be better for something that trivial to achieve by just playing.

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    I would not, professions are too easy to level now as is. I can drop and level a profession from zero using mostly just the AH. I also have sold kits to level professions in Cata for only a few thousand gold. Even farming you can level just about any profession in about one weekend so i see no reason for this in the least.
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    the only proffs that really take any time are skinning, leather work and possibly enchanting as they are drop dependant.

    other than that even farming the mats only takes a few hours of played time.

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    I would pay $5 per profession to just swap them around toons. The time and effort and gold, it would be better that way.
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    I have 4 characters with Enchanting on them.

    So yes, I would. I miss my old old mains Enchanting so much. Was something like 97% maxed out in Cataclysm...

    Now struggling to get to 500 Enchanting on my new main, haha. I refuse to buy a stack of Hypnotic Dust for 400g! ._.

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    The concept has a giant error if you ask me. Look at a profession like Inscription, where you have to research to get all the glyphs. If you could transfer the entire lot to another character you might as well remove the limit of professions pr character... I don't support that either.

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    I wouldn't mind paying gold similar to a system in guild wars 2, but not worth cash.

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