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    Blizzard shows that they are clueless about balancing classes, either overtune them or make them totally not worth playing at all. Instead we can do daillies till we drop dead, and if you cant be fuzzed doing daillies 3hours a day then you simple cant buy anything.

    And when people ask genuine questions about their class youll get sarcasm as answer from them, probably because they dont give one fly in space about answering them correctly as they should.

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    the balls on the demon horse...thingy....couldnt avoid noticing it XD

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    New Fireland MoP dailys zone for sure..

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    "I think some of you just hate dailies period. "

    Finally, the idiot gets it!

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    Jurassic park anyone?Is it me or is this game just feels like losing interest??any opinions??

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    the new raptor look great but... but... for the horde it just a reskined raptor.. alliance can be happy they gona get a raptor mount but for horde player its gona be so meh-meh

    Its me or this jurasick parck theme should give us something else from archeology? ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by fohhee View Post
    im shame to call myself chinese

    Quote Originally Posted by ikas6 View Post
    the balls on the demon horse...thingy....couldnt avoid noticing it XD
    Haha lol wtf atleast they should have put some armor over it.

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    The answers they give to the questions concerning ret paladins are laughable. It's never a straight "we realize they are bad and are working on it"

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    I see Truck Nuts have made it to China. DAMN YOU, GLOBALIZATION!

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    "Do you feel like CRZ takes away the one advantage small pop servers had of less competition for rare spawns?
    We don't really want small pop servers to have advantages though. We think larger pop servers are more fun. (Source)"

    This right here is CRAP to the fullest, so you take away the advantage of low pop server, while you keep the advantage of high population server? what advantage you mean?
    well high pop servers have more Mats in AH, they have more people so you can find PUGS every week, low pop servers, you stuck to farming (now you can't because other servers are stealing your MATS), and you still can't find a PUG every week because your major city consist of 4 people on the weekend.

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    I too, read reddit.

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    Will these Dinosaurs be tameable by hunters?

    I sure hope so...

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    And included in the park - free led based paints.....

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    That theme park is entirely illegal and severe copyright infringement.

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