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    what is the best alliance race for a priest in PVP

    most pvp players will choose between Human and Night elf.
    EMFH and Shadowmeld, which is more useful in Arena?
    EMFH can be another trinket, offering more burst/survival.
    Shadowmeld can be used to evade a spell, get out of battle and recover mana.
    which do you think is more beneficial? i am totally confused now.

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    Shadowmeld is worthless and fades from DoT damage, and we all know EVERY class has a DoT so its pointless.
    EMFH is good, but shares a cooldown with refresh trinks so go Human and use a normal PvP burst trink and a LFR burst trink, or as far as you can go with raiding to get a good trink.

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    Or you can use 2 PvP trinket, one use on equip and 1 proc, they both offer very high PvP Power on the side also.

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    Shadowmeld is mostly good to make less experienced players drop target and get confused. Human is always good because of the free trinket.

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    Personally I would say go for human, the possibility of 2 damage trinkets is always a great bonus on your overall and burst damage.

    Night Elf: Shadowmeld is amazing, it's a great tool to avoid cc, like poly, fear, scatter and so on, it does require more skill than any of the other racials, but if used properly it could sometimes score you a kill.

    Worgen: Now a days most healers got so many instant casts they keep hiding behind pillars, only to move out for a global. So it could be hard to land a fear. The worgan racial makes it sometimes easier to chase people for a kill, cc or to get away.

    There is nothing like a go to race, choose whatever you feel the most fun to play with your character.

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    Female Dwarf, they look tough and people get confused when you run around in skimpy transmog, works just as good as stun.

    or Human - [Every Man for Himself] ftw

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    I agree, you need to go female dwarf, I regret that I didnt.

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    Undoubtedly, human.
    Every Man for Hinself, 3% extra spirit (what means 3%hit) and one extra 1% hit if u use mace as weapon.
    All this extra hit can be used to reforge into haste or something.

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    human..all day, every day...that free trinket = free trinket slot for say the proc int/sp trinket which is pretty nice

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