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    Auto-driver installer/downloader/finder

    So after a very annoying lockup and windows boot failure afterwards i had to format the pc.
    I am so mad right now and not in the mood to download everything manually, is there any safe and nifty driver detector and/or downloader?
    Sorry for the sloppy writting, on my phone atm, and thanks in advance!

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    A lot of these programs tend to be scams/spyware. I'd go with the manual download. It's a pain in the butt, but to ensure you don't have anymore lockups and whatnot, having all your current drivers will be instrumental in eliminating possible problem-causers.

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    The best option you have to automate the driver process would be manufacturer driver wizards, which tend to be bloatware at best. Just manually download them. -the drivers, that is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Demoness View Post
    manufacturer driver wizards
    The only one I have used worth its salt is Lenovo's. If your pc/motherboard manufacturer makes a utility, feel free to try it, but your best bet is doing it manually

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