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    Quote Originally Posted by Marooned View Post
    yeah I really dont get why they are removing the ability to upgrade pre-5.2 gear. Its so weird.
    Because it will be obsolete anyway.

    Seriously, are you going to spend 1500 VP upgrading ilvl 496 boots to ilvl 504, or are you going to buy a new pair of boots with ilvl 540 (or whatever is used in 5.2) for a similar amount?

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    The Insane Granyala's Avatar
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    Yes, get rid of that crap.
    I don't want to have to cap that stupid valor on my raiding main for the rest of the x-pac.

    Valor = FILLER Items when RNG hates you and a way to get epics for non raiding alts. Nothing more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outofmana View Post
    It was a horrible system to begin with. Aaaaaaand painful if you upgraded an item and an upgrade would drop a day later...... or worse and the item that drops would be an upgrade if it was upgraded as well but right now it's slightly shittiër....
    That's on the player for upgrading something that you damn well knew you could realistically replace soon.

    It's not like the gear bosses drop is any secret. Think ahead when you upgrade.

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    I think it should just be removed from pvp. they obviously wont remove all gear from rated PvP, but at least the upgrade system sounds good.

    I think its better to have an upgrade system than nerfing the bosses by 5% every couple of weeks - but thats my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skitzy129 View Post
    That's on the player for upgrading something that you damn well knew you could realistically replace soon.
    Oh, so you can guess next random number generated? Why don't you go claim jackpot or something?

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    They should keep it for honor and JP gear, but disable it for VP and CP gear. I know they won't, but in my opinion that would be the way to go. Allows you to do some extra farming to get the weaker pieces in your gear up to par and closes the gap between newly dinged characters and people closer to BiS gear.

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    I do support it beeing removed, due to personal reasons and game balance.

    At first: The prices are way above logic & reason. Any item you can buy costs 1750-2200 VP. On a itemlevel of 476 that's between 3,67 and 4,6 VP per Itemlevel. Now for an Upgrade of 8 iLevel i need to pay 1500, that's 187,5 VP per iLevel.

    I'd gladly pay 50-100 VP for an Upgrade, that would be my pricerange.

    Secondly: It is quite unfair for dualspec classes, who need 1-2 items for their offspec. I for myself play ret paladin with Holy as offspec, healing on 1-2 bosses on heroic modes. We're on 4/6 HC Mogu Shan, often hitting the enrage timers on new fights. So I do have to use all my VP to upgrade the ret stuff, so I can squeeze a little more dmg out. So far I upgraded Shin'ka from normal mode, my Heroic Helmet (1/2, since I just got it yesterday) and some other items (check my armory).

    I still would need a healer trinket (bad luck dropping, even on 463 iLvl). But due to Upgrade features, nothing happens in that direction

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    It makes WoW feel like an endless grind for VP which you are "forced" to do, even when you have BIS HC gear, you are STILL made to earn VP to upgrade... which frankly fucking sucks.

    Also, deciding to upgrade a piece of gear, only for something better to drop that same day, resulting in a waste of VP... yeah. Stupid system.

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    Yes and no, I voted yes because it makes me want to get valor cap on all my characters that have any epics.

    "If you wear a rabbit's foot, remember that it had four of them, and they didn't do any good for it."

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    You aren't made to earn VP, you get a shit tons anyway when you farm content and do some sort of dailies. I really liked it for once my earned valor wasn't useless which it has been for the last expansion was completly useless seeing raiding gear was way better.

    And when you upgrade you think ahead not just upgrade some random item thats just stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ihnasir View Post
    It's a way for Valor-capped, geared raiders to spend all their extra VP. I support it.
    Pretty much this. Unless they introduce another way how to dump valor points (new tier of valor gear for all slots), we're going to have Cata all over again.

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    They made this upgrade feature to compensate for no raidwide nerfs. Instead of getting a 5% buff in damage/healing/health you are now able to upgrade your gear that you can't replace with better gear.
    It also works perfectly well to let players catch up.

    But I hate anything that requires me to do boring content. Like having to do heroics to cap valor when you are raiding heroic mode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilian View Post
    They made this upgrade feature to compensate for no raidwide nerfs.
    If you go look at the progression tracking sites at how many guilds have any progress in T14, the progression curve is extremely flat. The increase in the # of guilds is very slow now, much slower even than at the same point in T11.

    So, if item upgrading is supposed to serve the purpose of progressive nerfs, it is failing, and failing badly.
    "There is a pervasive myth that making content hard will induce players to rise to the occasion. We find the opposite. " -- Ghostcrawler
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    Post this on official forums, lets hope they look at it.
    Great idea.

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    I think there should be a way to use your to upgrade items but not all of them. Maybe restrict vp upgrade to like rings/trinkets/neck/back and you can only upgrade them once

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    First things first, I fully support the upgrading of items. I have (at the moment) my Normal Tier Head and Gloves upgraded 2/2, my Elite Pants and Ring from Protectors at 2/2, both of them, and my rep trinket from Shado-pan also upgraded to 497 from 489 (I've had bad luck with Stam trinkets, so wanted the extra boost).

    People who claim that capping VP is hard, trust me, it's not. 1 full clear of the raids, even on normal, will give you 40x16 = 640 VP. JUST FROM RAIDS. You're left with another 360 VP - either burn 7 quick heroics in an hour and a half, or do 1 heroic a day for 4 days. There you go. That's it. You're capped. No dailies, no nothing. Just some good ol' dungeon crawling with your guildies who, being Heroic raiders like yourself, are also getting 640 VP/week JUST FROM RAIDS.

    I like upgrading gear because it makes you think ahead. For example - my Expertise was at 7.44%. My helmet gives expertise. By upgrading it to 2/2 it took me from 7.44, which is under the soft cap, to 7.51, just over the soft cap. My Hit-chance is also at 7.44% - if I get no upgrades this week, I will upgrade an item that gives Hit rating in order to get the exact cap (although 7.44% aint that bad, I'm a tank, not a DPS'er).

    It's a nice tool to play around with, a nice way to spend VP that you don't need, and ofc, it makes you think ahead.

    HOWEVER, here is a suggestion:

    I was always annoyed how you can increase your Conquest cap, by being more skilled (i.e, getting higher rating) but not Valor capped (i.e, defeating bosses). For example:

    Raider A has 0/16 and is at the normal 1,000 VP cap/week.
    Raider B has 2/16, so he gets...hmm..let's say...40 extra VP per boss. So now he has 1,080 VP cap/week.
    Raider C has 6/16, full Mogu'shan cleared. That WOULD be 40x6 = 240 extra VP, BUT since he has cleared a whole Raid Instance, let's give him something extra. So he gets an extra 60 VP for clearing the whole instance. So, raider C gets an extra 300 VP/week cause he clears Mogu'Shan Normal every week.
    Raider D is much more hardcore, he has 16/16 Normal. That would be an extra 640 VP per week from bosses only, an extra 60 for completing Mogu'shan, another 60 for HOF, another 60 for TOES, he's getting 820 extra VP per week. For clearing EVERYTHING on Normal mode on a weekly basis.

    Now all you need to do is play with the numbers, adjust them, add Heroic Modes, and there you have it. Upgrading becomes MUCH less of a hassle, something all serious raiders can do at a greater extent (imagine full 16/16 H clear would mean something like 2.5k VP/week, that's 1 and 2/3rds of an item upgraded/week) than the ones that don't need it as much, i.e the less progressed guilds. It also adds much more depth, since you see your power rising not only in stats, but also in the acquisition of these Valour points.

    (Armory in case anyone wanted to verify anything:

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    It's an incredibly stupid idea to remove the upgrade vendor. The upgrades were a great way to dump extra valor/justice and still progress your gear. I seriously hope they reverse their idea.

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    I don't understand why they even came up with that ludicrous system to begin with. Are they trying to make file sizes smaller by including less items/artwork?

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    personally i really liked the upgrade system

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    i agree with the fact of removing the npc when a new tier/season begins

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