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    Cool Awesome Feral Druid 5.2 and 5.1 PvP Guide + Feral Changes!

    In this video, I attempt to go really in-depth about successfully playing a Feral Druid in 5.2 and 5.1. I get down to the basic's and go over everything. So if you got a question or even a suggestion. Feel free to contact me via YouTube PM. I have to tell you, I am no pro at WoW. I like to say I'm Decent, but not a Gladiator. If your looking for a easy to understand guide, this is the best one I could recommend. Even Plasticduck (--REMOVED--]) recommends this!

    A few things I'd like to talk about is what everyone is thinking about 5.2? Will it be good or bad for Ferals? Some say the changes are good to an extent, but what do you think?

    -Nick (WorldofZenon)

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    You've been told time and time again where you're allowed to post your videos, and you choose to move to other forums to spam them.


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