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    Blizzard their statement seems more like avoiding the issue


    I copied 3 Q/A from the mainpage and I wish to discuss this.

    Retune GoAK around being a 1-2 min CD imo. Make wings the big 3 min. 5 min CDs aren't fun, and hard to balance.
    We'd prefer not to see the Guardian out that much. Too much visual noise. Wings is subdued by comparison. (Source)

    With this one, "We'd prefer not to see the Guardian out that much, Too much visual noise"......since when should you take visuality in comparison to a way that a class does damage.....I mean....let people choose to put the summon of GoAK on or off? Or make it smaller? For example as if you are in the "ghost" of the guardian....dunno how to explain this but I hope you get the point. Visuality should NEVER be an excuse to nerf/buff a class

    Got kicked out of my RBG Team til "Ret's get fixed'",let us benefit Healing from PVP Pow again and we are playable once again!
    Once again, that PvP power nerf should have been ~20% healing. Can your team really notice that difference? (Source)

    Can your team really notice that difference........I find this quite a funny remark.......if there was no difference with or without the nerf......why nerf it in the first place?

    Retribution paladins bust is high but sustain damage is low compared to other classes, any chance on a buff on sustain dps?
    This is common feedback, but not sure how to fix. Wings to 10% or a 5 min timer? Ick? (Source)

    Now, this 5min timer is ridiculous and so is the 10%....., IMO, remove Holypower, make inquisition a passive buff that you get at a certain lvl and give our damage 10-15% more naked damage?

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    1. I agree that goak cd is ok where it is. But the arguement that it is too much visual noise is irrelevant because many classes have pets out constantly. Just a method of dancing around the actual dilema at hand.
    2. Another method of dancing around the question. The answer is yes, my team can notice the difference and so can everyone else that runs organized arenas or rbgs. Your taking the utility out of a utility class. Thats why rets are under represented in those areas.
    3. this statement i find ridiculous. You dont buff sustained by nerfing burst, that leaves sustained the same, no difference at all. If he is claiming he will buff the sustained in turn for a 10% loss on wings then im all for that as long as the buff is worthy of that big of a nerf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubadudu View Post
    Now, this 5min timer is ridiculous and so is the 10%....., IMO, remove Holypower, make inquisition a passive buff that you get at a certain lvl and give our damage 10-15% more naked damage?
    and go back to being the most faceroll, brain dead class in WoW?

    no managing resources

    no maintaining buffs

    and u get dumb down, button mashing WotLK retardins.
    Gamers are too obsessed with the death of games. Imagine if all that energy was channeled into the LIFE of games.

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    Well let's see, point one is just silly because they are about to introduce Storm and Fire or whatever that monk ability is that clones their attacks as well as there is Mirror Image. Maybe they are talking about the crazy gold particle-storm effect that is GoAK, but doubtful.

    Point 2. Well I don't PvP so while I care I'm not exactly able to see the problems, though Ret is based way too strongly around our utility and burst so unless sustained is compensated for a drop in utility it's weak.

    Point 3. Pretty sure he's saying that overall ret DPS is where they want it. As such for them to buff our sustained it would be at the price of our burst - which is fine as I know many people recognize the need for it. The problem with that is people would be upset about it. I mean like let's say they increased the damage of CS by I dunno, 50% and TV by 35% then compensated that by reducing wings by 1/2. It would be a great buff but people would complain because burst went down and just making the CD on wings longer isn't all that good an idea either since it means that any buffs to our sustained end up becoming just that much more powerful in times of burst.

    At this point I'm kind of wanting to say "Well why don't we just make certain "hand" spells spec dependent and remove them from Ret then increase sustained." As we are one of the few classes who still seem to be balanced additionally around the utility we bring with hand of sacrifice and other spells.

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