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    Aegis - Darkmoon Faire 5/6 HC 3/6 HC 4/4 - Recruiting Hunter and Elemental Shaman

    Aegis are situated on the EU realm of Darkmoon Faire and have a long history of raiding on the server, pre-dominantly realm #1....until recently...and we want it back! The guild was founded in February 2011 as the result of a merge between two of the servers older and more established guilds, Darkmoon Rising and CORE. Our raiding team itself offers a wide range of experience with officers themselves being Vanilla raiding veterans - yes they're still going!

    We are currently looking for: 1 Hunter

    As far as kill history goes...

    The Burning Crusade - all clear minus Kil'Jaden
    Wrath of the Lich King - all clear, 10 and 25.
    Cataclysm - all clear, 10 and 25. Server 1st Ragnaros Heroic, Server 1st Madness of Deathwing Heroic
    Mists of Pandaria - 5/6 HC (3/6 Server 1st) 1/6 HC (4/6 server 1st) 4/4 (3/4 server 1st)

    Also to note: we have a 9/9 Gold Challenge Mode team, which includes a Stormstout Brewery run currently ranked World #13 and Alliance #2.

    Also, we have several Rank8 Brawlers who like to compete and test their skill to the limit whenever they can.

    What we expect from you.
    As a raider in Aegis, we expect you to be on top of your class, game and gearing wherever possible. We will not carry you to your glory. In fact, quite the opposite. If you think you can carry us or show our players that you can do better, we would like to hear from you. You must be competitive in all aspects and have passion, drive and enthusiasm to go forward.

    What can you expect from us.
    As a part of our team, you can expect to have all of your consumables and repairs fully paid for upon completion of trial allowing you to spend your spare time outside of the raids however you please, be it joining our Challenge Mode runs, hanging out at the Brawl Bar, IRL or even perhaps on some of the other games we get caught up in ranging from CS:GO, Portal 2, Guild Wars 2, SWTOR, StarCraft 2, Diablo 3 or forbid..League of Legends. We're a gaming team who love online games with WoW as our first and foremost. You can further expect us to be as driven for success in WoW as you are and we will get results!

    We generally raid 4 nights per week, 20:00 until 23:30 server time. Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday with an optional 5th night should we need it.

    Summary or TLDR Version.
    We're a highly established raiding guild from Darkmoon Faire since The Burning Crusade, we're recruiting 1 Hunter and 1 Elemental Shaman Driven progression and a fun social guild outside of raiding.
    For any information, questions and such please find the following links useful:

    Forums: forums.aegis-dmf.info

    For contact regarding recruitment: Sien, Bæl or Anthe
    Alternatively, you can contact me personally on lolsienblog#2713
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    Bumped! Specifically for ranged applicants.

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    Updated, Healers and Melee welcome.

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    Updated for new recruitment, Elemental Shaman and Hunters please!

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    Still seeking a well versed Hunter, progress standing at 5/6 3/6 HC and 4/4 Terrace!

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    Where are you Hunters!

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